To mirror the thrill of the upcoming NBA Draft, we are hosting a 2022 Top Shot Pack Draft - Live Break, a group experience where 14 collectors will have the opportunity to “draft” a coveted NBA Top Shot pack.

The “Pack Draft” will take place at 7pm ET on June 21, two days before the 2022 NBA Draft and NBA Top Shot’s release of NBA Finals Legendary and Common packs. 

This event is a unique community experience, giving collectors the opportunity to receive NBA Top Shot Moments based on predetermined criteria.

Anyone can watch the event live, hosted by Jacob Eisenberg and Matt Schorr on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter Live, however, only 14 collectors have been randomly selected from a blind snapshot of their collections to actively participate for a pack reward.

Those collectors are: Goin2Work, Snootierisk, savemyday, laddergoat2, spenserstrode, Bridgettheballa, KumaxKuma, Jhayes21613, PremierHustlin, heyMrWilson, bryanmac22, balldontlie82, denes525,and TotallyRando.

These collectors have been notified to help select the pack order prior to the event, and will have an opportunity to join us on stage as we rip open each one. Upon the conclusion of the live Top Shot Pack Draft, the contents of the revealed moments will be sent to the respective participants’ accounts.

The Criteria

To be eligible for the Live Break, a collector must have completed the following by 12pm ET on Wednesday, June 15:

  • Have their favorite team (via the Top Shot profile) be one of the teams involved in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery:
  1. Orlando
  2. Oklahoma City
  3. Houston
  4. Sacramento
  5. Detroit
  6. Indiana
  7. Portland
  8. New Orleans
  9. San Antonio
  10. Washington
  11. New York
  12. Charlotte
  13. Cleveland
  • 5 or more Moments with the Rookie Year Badge in the collection.
  • A transaction in the Marketplace or purchased a pack in the last 90 days.
  • Identity verification.

What's Available

From our unreleased inventory, winners will get a chance to select one of the following packs:

  • Deck the Hoops: The 2010s
  • Deck the Hoops S2
  • Early Adopter S1
  • Holo Icon S2 Drop 2
  • Holo Icon S3 release 1
  • Holo Icon S3 release 2
  • Hometown Showdown: Cali vs NY S1
  • Magic Johnson: Anthology
  • Premium Pack (S1, Drop 3, Wave 2/2)
  • Premium Pack (S2 drop 1)
  • Rising Stars S2
  • Season Tipoff S2
  • Throwdown S1
  • With The Strip

These iconic packs from our vault will be opened by 14 lucky members of our community next week. Tune in at 7pm ET on June 21 to watch it all unfold!