Presented in partnership with the NBA and NBPA, The Champion’s Path to the 2023 NBA Finals gives basketball fans a totally unique NBA Playoffs collectibles experience. Redemptions are a new collectible that gives you control over the supply of each 2023 NBA Playoffs Moment, and ownership of your favorite player’s best NBA Playoffs highlights as they happen.  

Each Redemption you own can be traded 1:1 for that player's new, exclusive, and limited edition Moments from the First Round, Conference Semis, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals. 

By owning a Redemption of a star player, you can help define the future of that player’s 2023 NBA Playoffs journey on Top Shot.

Common 2023 NBA Playoffs Moments will not be released in Packs. You will make them using Redemptions as the 2023 NBA Playoffs unfold, empowering collectors to choose their own adventure along The Champion’s Path — round by round — to build a personal collection and co-create NBA history. 

The fun starts at 1 PM ET on April 17, with $10 “Dropping Dimes” and $29 “Three-Pointer” Playoffs Packs, each featuring Redemptions inside. This will be the only drop dedicated to the Playoffs (until June’s Legendary Finals Drop). Once these Packs are sold out, you can buy and sell Redemptions in the Marketplace.    

Keep reading to learn more about this new Playoffs experience, and how playing along can win you an all-expense paid trip to the 2023 NBA Finals. 

Redemptions: A New Top Shot Playoffs Collectible

Collect Redemptions.

Watch the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

Decide which Top Shot Moments to claim for your collection. 

Redemptions are your key to some of the best NBA Playoffs collectibles we’ve ever made, letting you own the Moments that showcase each player’s pursuit of the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. 

Only 5,000 total collectibles will exist for each Player Redemption and Wildcard Redemption, making this Common collection 60% smaller than the 2022 Playoffs Set on Top Shot, with a fixed supply.

When you own a Redemption from The Champion’s Path Set, you have guaranteed access to any future 2023 Playoffs Moment of that player and team. 

Each Playoffs team will receive three Redemptions, meaning there will be 48 unique Redemptions in total.

Two of the three will reflect guaranteed Redemptions from the team’s top two players. A third “Wildcard” Redemption can be paired with any other player on that team.

For the first time ever, the edition size of every Playoffs Moment across every round will be completely dictated and controlled by the choices of NBA fans and collectors, and how they decide to use the Redemptions they own. 

The further a team advances, the more scarce and limited edition their 2023 NBA Playoffs Moments can become.

At the end of each round, the best Moments can be redeemed using a Redemption or the previous round’s Moment of that player. 

Buy Packs, Win a Trip To The NBA Finals 

To earn their trip to the Finals, NBA players must defeat the best basketball players in the world and win twelve of the most intensely competitive games they’ll ever play.  

To earn your trip to the NBA Finals, you’ll only need to buy a Top Shot Pack and have some luck. 

Every Pack you purchase in April (Starting April 11) gives you one entry to win an all-inclusive 2023 NBA Finals trip. 

$10 Playoffs Packs will include 1 Redemption, along with two Common Moments from the NBA Regular Season, and are available on April 17, 2023.

$29 Playoffs Packs will include 3 Redemptions, along with seven Common Moments from the NBA Regular Season. The 3 Redemptions will feature 1 Player Redemption from a 1-4 seed in the Playoffs, 1 Player Redemption from a 5-8 seed in the Playoffs, and 1 Wildcard Redemption, and are available on April 17, 2023.

Two winners will be randomly selected. One will win an all-expense paid trip to Game 1 and Game 2 of the NBA Finals for them and a guest. The other will win an all-expense paid trip to Game 3 and Game 4 of the NBA Finals for them and a guest.

Introducing The 2023 NBA Champion’s Challenge

The 2023 NBA Champion’s Challenge will run for the entirety of the 2023 NBA Playoffs and invite the most passionate fans and collectors to earn the ultimate Playoffs collectible from the team that wins the NBA Finals. 

To win the 2023 Champion’s Challenge, you must collect all 12 Moments + 3 Unique unused Redemptions of the team that wins the 2023 NBA Finals. 

By collecting and locking all of the required Moments, you’ll earn a limited edition 2023 NBA Champion’s Challenge Reward — featuring a highlight reel of the champion team's Playoffs journey.

The total amount of these Challenge Rewards to exist will match the number of collectors to complete the 2023 NBA Champion’s Challenge.

Join The Champion’s Path Today

The NBA Playoffs are always an amazing time to be an NBA fan, and this season, we’re ready to redefine what it means to be a collector too. 

This isn’t the time to pass or hesitate. You’ve got a wide-open look. April 17 marks the beginning of Top Shot’s only NBA Playoffs Pack Drop until after the Finals, so show up, shoot your shot, and take the first step on The Champion’s Path. 

Join the fun today, and we’ll see you for the Pack Drop on April 17.