2023-24 is finally here, and we’ve got a lot of exciting things in store.

Here’s what we’re prioritizing to make NBA Top Shot the best sports collectible in the world:


Returning Sets will feature either the same or lower mint counts from last season to this season at every tier. 

As a sneak peek for some of our returning Sets, we are happy to share:

  • Rookie Debuts will be minted to /4,000
  • Base Set Moments will be minted to /8,000, with a supplemental /500 Explosion Parallel reserved for three players on each team. 
  • Fresh Threads will return to the Common tier and be minted to /2023, making it the scarcest Common Set this season. 
  • Video Game Numbers will once again be minted to /499
  • Throwdowns will be minted to /699
  • For The Win will be minted to /699


The max mint count of a Rare Set for the upcoming season will be /699. The max mint count of a Legendary Set for the upcoming season will be /89. Our flagship Sets in the Rare and Legendary tiers will be minted to /299 and /50, respectively.  


This season, we’re bringing a fresh look to our collectibles with subtle changes across all tiers that’ll accentuate the coolest aspects of our cube and deliver some cosmetic upgrades that differentiate the collectible from years past in all the best ways. Here’s a sneak peek of things to look forward to in the Common tier alone: 


Move over, tacos, because Tuesdays in November will be dedicated to Top Shot. 

We plan for a weekly cadence for new drops. Supply for Rare and Legendary Packs will be tight as our mint counts are slimmed down, and Common Packs will offer unique opportunities to improve your collection. 

Additionally, with each drop, there’ll be an instant opportunity to strategize, as Challenges that require Moments from the drop will be paramount. And with the consistent crescendo toward end of season Expert Challenges (more on these later), each drop and ensuing Challenge will provide popcorn worthy entertainment and game theory.


Should any of our thematic drops see the Packs that are available for sale remain unsold after a week’s time, those Packs will be pulled from the shelves and the contents of those Packs will be burned.


This is just a sample of the exciting things we have in store this season. There will be new incredible Sets that we know the community will love, and plenty of excitement week to week for our collectors.

We’ll be using the coming days and weeks to dive deeper into the ways we’ll lean into utility and rewards for Top Shot collectors throughout the season, and we’ll also share plans around our priorities for the Top Shot community, maintaining its stature as the very best community in sports.