After a brief pause on gifting, we’ve beefed up the process to ensure that NBA Top Shot collectors retain the freedom to give Moments to friends, fans and family as designed while also protecting the community from fraud, bots and nefarious activities that ultimately harm the community.

Effective immediately, NBA Top Shot collectors will once again be able to gift their Moments, provided they meet new eligibility requirements. These conditions may change again in the future as we adapt to satisfy the needs of our growing community.

Eligible Collectors

Collectors will have the ability to gift from their account so long as the following conditions are true:

  • Collectors have at least 10 Moments in their account at the time of gifting.
  • Own the Moment for at least 7 days.

If collectors don’t meet - and maintain - both of these requirements, then they won’t be able to gift any of the Moments in their account.

Eligible Moments

Eligible collectors will be able to gift any of the Moments they've held for at least seven days. For example, if you buy a Moment on a Monday at 5:00 PM, you won't be able to gift it until the following Monday at 5:01 PM. Bear in mind that the seven-day timer will reset if a collector lists and delists their Moments. 

Some exceptions to this rule will exist. For instance, certain content creators and athletes that actively extend giveaways to the NBA Top Shot community may be granted the ability to gift without these restrictions.

Last Thoughts

We have heard community concerns about bots and multi-accounters and we believe these new restrictions will play a pivotal role in leveling the playing field and keeping NBA Top Shot safe and fair for all of our collectors. 

Please note: While in beta we will continue to make optimizations to the product as we see fit. While we’re optimistic these changes will discourage behavior that goes against our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service, this should not be looked at as our final iteration of gifting.