With the NBA season under 30 days away, it’s time to turn up the heat at NBA Top Shot. 

Between September 26, 2022 and October 14, 2022, collectors will have 13 new NBA challenges to participate in, each with an exclusive limited edition historical Challenge Reward for those bold enough to complete them. 

Here’s a look at the challenges we currently have planned to warm up for the NBA season.


Two of the most exciting Rare Top Shot Debut Moments ever are coming — featuring the final points of Dennis Rodman’s rookie campaign, and a Larry Bird three-pointer in the NBA Finals that set the table for a Magic finish. 

To unlock these new limited edition Run It Back Moments, you’ll need to finish the first “Lockdown Challenges.” 

Lockdown Challenges are a new type of challenge format for Series 4, where in order to earn the reward, all of the requirements will need to be locked to Leaderboards. 

Dennis Rodman and Larry Bird will each require 7 Moments be locked in order to complete, and collectors will have 10 potential required Moments to choose from in each Lockdown Challenge. 

Expect Dennis Rodman’s Lockdown Challenge to begin on September 26 and Larry Bird's on September 29.

Specific details on how you can participate in this new Challenge format will be shared when they go live.

There will be no Legendary Challenges for the Run It Back Legacies Set.


The Common Top Shot Debuts of Spud Webb, Artis Gilmore and Dell Curry will mark the highly anticipated debut of more accessible Crafting Challenges. 

Crafting Challenges invite collectors to permanently burn Moments from their collection to craft a new limited edition Challenge Reward. 

Each Archive Set Crafting Challenge will require 1986-87 Archive Set Moments to be burned in order to craft and earn these historical Debut Moments. 

  • Spud Webb’s Crafting Challenge begins on September 26.

  • Artis Gilmore’s Crafting Challenge begins on September 29.

  • Dell Curry’s Crafting Challenge begins on October 3. 

As we celebrate 1986-87 hoops history together, you’re invited to join us for a pit stop in our basketball time machine and tap into some Vintage Vibes from the 2000s.


Starting on October 1, Vintage Vibes is making its return for Series 4. 

8 new limited edition Fandom Tier Moments will become available, each of which can be earned exclusively by participating in Crafting Challenges. 

Featuring a mix of Top Shot debuts and returning fan favorites, each Vintage Vibes Crafting Challenge will require Common Summer 2021 Archive Set Moments to be burned in order to craft these new Rewards. 

We’re keeping the names and Moments a secret for now, but you can expect the Vintage Vibes schedule to look like this: 

  • Two Vintage Vibes Crafting Challenges will go live on October 1.

  • Two Vintage Vibes Crafting Challenges will go live on October 4.

  • Two Vintage Vibes Crafting Challenges will go live on October 7.

  • Two Vintage Vibes Crafting Challenges will go live on October 11. 

All of this action will take us to tip-off, where we’ve got exciting plans for the start of a new NBA season, and a full schedule of Crafting Challenges and other fun surprises planned from October through June. 

We’re ready to burn, and know you are too. So let’s light it up. 

Challenge dates are subject to change. Additional challenges not shared in this announcement may also occur during this timeframe. To partake in any active challenge, visit Top Shot Challenge HQ.