Important update about Series 3 Base Set, Release 2 on Friday:

After healthy feedback from the community, we have decided to limit collectors to up to 5 packs per order.

We're building towards a future in which collectors can purchase Base Set packs whenever they'd like. But on the way there, we want to make sure we're listening to our community. And we've heard you clearly.

Last week's 10-pack limit -- combined with demand for these Base Packs -- left many of you shut out of getting a new pack. Though we're adding 150k new packs this week, we saw some collectors were still concerned that they'd have the same experience this time around.

So, with 350K packs available, and with a five pack per order limit, we now anticipate many more collectors will be able to join and gain packs this week. We couldn't be more excited to share these epic new Moments with you all -- including a fresh new class of Top Shot Debuts.

Heads-up that after a collector purchases up to five packs, they will be allowed to re-join the queue to purchase up to five additional packs, while supplies last.

We appreciate your feedback and can't wait to share all of these great new Moment™ collectibles with you on Friday.

Editor's Note: The above update was added on November 10, 2021.

Fast Facts:

  • The second Base Set drop of Series 3 is coming Friday, November 12th
  • These packs contain 3 Moment™ collectibles from the first weeks of the NBA season with 36 new Moments added to the Base Set, in addition to all of the Moments from the first Base Set release from earlier in the month
  • There will only be one queue, starting at 11am PST
  • 350,000 packs will be available for purchase
  • Collectors can purchase up to 5 packs, per order, with the opportunity to rejoin the queue to purchase 5 additional packs, while supplies last.

The second release of Series 3 Base Set packs will drop on Friday, November 12th, 2021. 

And like the first release, we’ve stuffed these packs with more Top Shot Debut Moment™ collectibles from some of the most exciting rookies from a historic rookie class. 

Dalano Banton, Chris Duarte, and Josh Giddey headline the new 3-Star rookies in this drop, minted to just 4,000. 

These packs will ALSO contain more 3-Star Rookie Moments from star rookies that debuted in the first release, including Evan Mobley, Davion Mitchell and Jalen Suggs. 

But wait, there’s more. 

Alongside the 12 rookies available, these packs will also feature Moments from superstars like LaMelo Ball, Donovan Mitchell and Devin Booker. 

These 350,000 packs dropping are a part of our ongoing commitment in Series 3 to make Base Set packs available for collectors on a regular basis. We are maintaining a purchase limit of 10 packs per account this week, as we continue to gather invaluable insights. If you are unable to land a pack this week, please note that we will continue to modify the number of packs released each week in order to reach the best possible balance for our collectors. 

Our ultimate goal is we want all collectors to have the opportunity to purchase these Base Set packs, almost anytime they want.  In order to get there, we need to get a better understanding of overall demand. These drops might continue to sell out during these initial releases before all collectors have a chance to purchase. 

Rest assured, even more drops will be right around the corner with more Moment™ collectibles from new rookies and superstars in the coming weeks. 

Series 3 Base Set, Release 2 Pack Facts: 

Packs: 350,000

Price: $9 

Number of Moments per pack: 3

Edition Size of Moments in packs: Variable, with some editions as scarce as 4,000 LE and some editions as large as 60,000 CC+. 

Drop Time: 11am PST on Friday, November 12th, 2021

Number of queues: 1

Number of packs per collector: 10, while supplies last

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