NBA Top Shot Pack Drops are a fun and exciting way to start, and grow, your collection. Inside each Pack, you’ll find Moments — officially licensed and limited edition NBA collectibles that showcase the best on-court highlights of your favorite players and teams. 

Over the course of an NBA season, the best plays and highlights will become Moments, and those Moments will be made available to collectors in Pack Drops that are open for limited periods of time, while supplies last.

Here’s an overview of the different kinds of Pack Drops and how you can participate in them. 

Pack Drops and Pack Draws 

In a Pack Drop, you can instantly join a Queue to purchase a Pack and, upon purchasing, can open it immediately. Pack Drops start at specific times, and it’s best to be in the line a few minutes early. If there are more people in the Queue than Packs available, your spot in line would not guarantee you a Pack. 

In a Pack Draw, you have a dedicated window of time to attempt to reserve a Pack, typically between 24-72 hours, throwing your hat in the ring with everyone else interested. When that timer ends, all participants attempted reservations are randomized, and if there are more attempted reservations than Packs available, not everyone will get a Pack. Collectors whose reservations are accepted will automatically have their Pack(s) sent to their collection. 

App Exclusive Pack Drops

The new NBA Top Shot App, available to download for a limited time during the NBA Playoffs, will occasionally have exclusive Pack Drops. 

These Packs are available to all collectors, new and established, and typically contain Common and Rare Moments in Packs for affordable prices. 

To participate in the next Drop, download the App today and turn on your notifications! 

New Collector Exclusive Pack Drops

Opening a Pack is as essential to the Top Shot experience as hitting free throws is to NBA Playoffs success.

To make sure new collectors can feel the magic and excitement of opening a Pack, there are always Packs available exclusively for new members of our global basketball community. 

Tip-Off Packs are $10 and feature 5 Moments, with a small chance at one of those 5 Moments being a Rare collectible. 

XL Tip-Off Packs are $20 and feature 10 Moments, with a higher chance at once of those 10 Moments being a Rare collectible. 

All Moments in these Packs are from the 2022-23 NBA season, and can feature All-Stars, rookies, and fan favorites.

You can start your collection by opening one of these Packs today. 

These Packs are exclusively available for any collector who has purchased fewer than 10 Packs since starting their collection on Top Shot. 

Tip-Off Pack NBA Top Shot

Pack Drops For Everyone 

During an NBA season, there is typically at least one Pack Drop per month that anyone can participate in. These Packs often cost between $5 and $30 and feature Common Moments, with varying chances at Rare Moments which are scarcer, more coveted by collectors, and generally harder to obtain.

Exclusive Rare and Legendary Pack Draws and Drops  

For some of our most exclusive and high-end Packs, a majority of the inventory is reserved for collectors with established collections that meet certain criteria, defined by their “Top Shot Score” and “Total Drop Score.” 

Top Shot Score is a numerical reflection of the Moments in your collection – based on the value of your Moments, determined by the price you paid or the average selling price in our Marketplace. 

Total Drop Score takes your Top Shot Score and combines any other bonuses you may have earned, like +100 points for selecting your Favorite Team. 

For specific Pack Drops each season, like our Premium Packs containing a guaranteed Rare Metallic Gold LE Moment, or our Top Shot 50 Packs containing a guaranteed Legendary and Rare Moment, a significant portion of the total supply is reserved in Early Access Drops for collectors with certain Top Shot Scores and Total Drop Scores. 

In each of these Drops, the remaining portion of the total supply is made available to anyone, no matter their score, in a General Admission Drop that starts shortly after the Early Access Drop ends.

In any Drop, you can see the criteria to participate and the times of each Drop detailed on the Pack Page. 

Trade Ticket Pack Drops 

As a collector, you can exchange any Moment in your collection that you don’t want for a Trade Ticket. Throughout each season, different Packs will be available to purchase for Trade Tickets instead of dollars. 

Ready to Open an NBA Top Shot Pack? 

Visit our Drops page to see which Pack Drops are currently live, and download the App to make sure you get in on our next exclusive Drop.