Editor Update:

On Monday we announced a very exciting Challenge for the entire Metallic Silver FE set. 

During an audit of our pack inventory we discovered our inventory tracker was off, meaning we only have 175 Run It Back 13-14 packs available for distribution. 

These Run it Back 13-14 packs will now come from Drop 3, instead of Drop 1, as we initially stated. These Drop 3 packs will include a Series 1 Metallic Gold LE Moment instead of a MVP Moves Moment and will likely contain two unique Rare players from the RIB 13-14 set, alongside six Series 1 Base Set Moments.

The current ceiling for completions on this set is 250.

If there are 175 or fewer completions, then every fan that completes this Challenge will receive a Series 1 Run It Back pack from Drop 3. 

If there are more than 175 completions on this Challenge, all fans who complete the Challenge will be able to choose between two different packages. 

The first package is staying the course and getting your Series 1 Run It Back 13-14 pack from Drop 3. 

The second package will include one Holo Icon Series 2 (Drop 2) pack, two Run It Back 05-06 packs, one Premium Pack Series 2 (Drop 2), one 2021 All-Star Game pack and one Rising Stars Series 2 pack. 

If this second package is necessary, we will reach out to everyone who completes the challenge and they can provide their choice of which package they would like to receive.

The other three Set Challenges for MSFE will remain the same and we have the necessary packs to reward those Challenges.


On November 17, 2021, the Challenge game on NBA Top Shot changed forever. 

Flash Challenge: Hot Hands marked the formal “Top Shot Debut” of a new way to play with your Moments based on nightly NBA action. After the excitement of our challenges during the 2021 Playoffs, which tested this type of format, it was time to make these types of challenges a mainstay and staple of the NBA Top Shot experience. 

It’s easy to forget, or have missed this period completely, but before November 17, 2021, the only Challenges on NBA Top Shot that provided a guaranteed reward for completion were our “Set Challenges” that relied on newly released Moments from recent pack drops. 

We’re always working on ways to improve the user experience for our global community of basketball fans, and the utility our NFTs provide, and Flash Challenges did both. 

These games provide utility for Moments in your collection and provide ample reason to continue building a diverse collection that spans all sets, series and players. Flash Challenges started out providing pack rewards for each challenge, but that changed on December 13, 2021, when NBA history also became NBA Top Shot history. 

On that day, Steph Curry became the all-time leader in 3-pointers made in NBA history.  

At NBA Top Shot, we were ready to commemorate the achievement and mint this milestone moment into a Moment NFT collectible. 

As soon as the record was set with an arching deep three-pointer that swished through the net in Madison Square Garden, we went live with a Flash Challenge to earn the record-breaking Moment. 

Steph Curry Record Setting Three Pointer Moment

This Moment kicked off a new set, Metallic Silver FE. The time between the Moment happening and the delivery of the Moment to our fans, three days, was the quickest in NBA Top Shot history.

There were a lot of questions about what Metallic Silver FE would become…little did everyone know, we were just getting started.

The next Flash Challenge milestone came on Christmas Day when we provided three different tiers of challenge difficulty. It’s an extremely difficult task to create challenges that engage and excite every type of fan on NBA Top Shot, but we were going to try. The “Easy, Medium and Hard” challenges of Christmas Day, with their respective Obi Toppin, Nicolas Claxton and Giannis Antetokounmpo rewards, evolved into our Rookie and Veteran game modes.

Metallic Silver Fandom Edition Moments

We added a “Cheat Code” format which leveraged high value Legendary and Rare Moments to earn a Metallic Silver FE Moment of players in your collection. To answer a call of a new difficulty tier, we introduced Hero Ball. This tier is meant for our fans looking to up the difficulty and earn high-demand packs; packs that cannot be obtained in any other way.

With that history officially documented, let’s step behind the curtain for a Moment to elaborate on what goes on behind the scenes to make Flash Challenges happen. 

Here’s a start-to-finish look at NBA Top Shot’s 10-Step Flash Challenge Process: 

  1. First, challenge requirements must be thought of and created.
  2. Once the challenge requirements and names are set, the team meets to discuss the pool of players that match up for that challenge.

  3. Our amazing curation team then searches for the perfect play to mint as a Challenge Reward and earmarks it for the Metallic Silver FE set.

  4. Once all the details are ironed out, our design team jumps into action to make the incredibly popular pack art and our social graphics.

  5. Our social and community teams then jump into action to prepare announcements for these challenges. These teams continue to engage throughout the night and weekends to keep our fans in the loop. We also cannot forget third party creators like MomentNerd and community members like Wags that helped keep all fans informed about our Flash Challenges.

  6. At the end of the night, we add the necessary players and Moments to our Challenge Builder and get it live. It doesn’t end there.

  7. Once the challenge ends, we have a data team that confirms the winners of the challenge.

  8. Then, we have a customer support team that double checks the winner’s list against the data.

  9. Once the winners are confirmed, our Live Operations team jumps into action to mint and distribute the rewards.

  10. Then we start all over again and start to prepare for the next Flash Challenge.

In order to keep things fresh and fun, we recently added “The Wheel,” a new live-show that determines the criteria for a given Flash Challenge by randomly selected conditions determined by, you guessed it, a spinning wheel. This has been an extremely fun way to learn the challenge requirements, but can also be polarizing due to the difficulty The Wheel can bring. The Wheel was the precursor to a massive and on-going upgrade to the Challenge experience. The next episode of The Wheel will be on Friday, April 8, 2022.

We’ll continue working to improve this experience and make sure it’s intuitive for our fans to understand, play and earn.

Metallic Silver FE: Utility and The Future 

There has been a lot of talk across our Discord, Reddit and Twitter communities about the utility of the Metallic Silver FE set. 

Set holders recently received an airdrop of Rising Stars Series 3 Moments. Utility like this is likely in the future, but what about the now? 

Monday, April 4 to Sunday, April 10 will be the last week of Metallic Silver FE. 

Including today’s Jonathan Kuminga reward, we are at 52 Moments in the set. There will be three more challenges providing Metallic Silver FE rewards this week which gets us to a final Moment count of 55. 

This set will have at least one Moment from all 30 teams. 

This set has at least one Moment of every Play Type, every position, and NBA Moments from every month from October to March. 

This set sought to achieve a narrative of the NBA season and was earned by watching and reacting to the action on the court. 

I’m extremely proud of it and hope you’ve enjoyed playing along and collecting it throughout the course of Series 3. 

WIthout further ado, let’s get to the Metallic Silver FE Set challenges!

As the Metallic Silver FE Set comes to a close, it only felt fitting for this part of Flash Challenge history to finish where it started; with NBA Top Shot packs as prizes.

Here’s what’s at stake.

  • Metallic Silver FE Set Challenge 1 (April 12-15, 2022): Create a Challenge Entry with every MSFE Moment that has 10,000 or more editions. The reward for completing this Challenge will be one 2022 All-Star Standard pack.
  • Metallic Silver FE Set Challenge 2 (April 15-18, 2022): Create a Challenge Entry with every MSFE Moment that has between 4,000 and 9,999 editions. The reward will be one 2022 All-Star Elite Pack.
  • Metallic Silver FE Challenge 3 (April 18-21, 2022): Create a Challenge Entry with every MSFE Moment that has between 1,000 and 3,999 editions. The reward will be one Series 1 With The Strip Pack. With The Strip will be from Drop 3 (Full contents here) This includes 6 Moments per pack, featuring 1 Rare With The Strip Moment and 5 Series 1 Base Set Moments.
  • Metallic Silver FE Challenge 4 (April 21-25, 2022): Create a Challenge Entry with every MSFE Moment that has between 0 and 999 editions. The reward will be one Series 1 Run It Back 13-14 pack.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. For everyone who loves Flash Challenges and playing with their NBA Top Shot collections, we are just getting started.