The Top Shot team has spent thousands of hours watching the NBA, curating its best highlights, and working with our partners to make them into basketball collectibles called Moments. 

Nobody knows Top Shot Moments better than our curation team, and today, they’re sharing their knowledge and love for Top Shot Moments with everyone. 

The new “Editor's Picks” Marketplace default experience redefines how Top Shot’s community can discover, watch, and collect the history of the NBA. 

When you visit the Marketplace today, you’ll be presented with 200+ of our favorite Moments across all 30 NBA teams, cutting across every Series, Rarity, and Set.  

Paired with our recently updated Live Moment viewing experience — where everything in the Marketplace auto-plays as you hover over it (on Desktop) — this new “Editor's Picks” view of Top Shot is a living glossary of basketball excellence. 

Amongst the “Editor's Picks” are classic plays from NBA history, like Vince Carter’s 2000 dunk contest, Allen Iverson’s crossover, Steph Curry’s historic three-pointer, and Giannis Antetokounpo’s NBA Finals 50 piece, alongside deep cuts and hidden gems like Dame Lillard’s 61-point game, Jamal Murray’s Bubble up-and-under and a big Ben Wallace block. 

Visit the Marketplace today (Newest ListingsHigh to Low, Low to High) to browse and enjoy these hand-picked pieces of NBA history that you can collect and own — and stay tuned for updates to this Marketplace view in the near future that allow you to sort and filter by teams, play types, and other categories.