“Minting” a Moment is the process of bringing an approved and officially licensed on-court NBA highlight onto the blockchain as a limited edition collectible on NBA Top Shot. 

Once a Moment is minted, it can be put into packs for our collectors to cherish as keepsakes of their favorite players, teams and basketball memories — or sold in our Marketplace, exchanged for Trade Tickets, collected alongside other Moments to unlock access to unique perks, communities and experiences, locked to competitive leaderboards with potential rewards, played with in Challenges, or even destroyed. 

Starting today, NBA Top Shot’s “live operations” team will begin minting new Moments as soon as they’ve been approved by the NBA — regardless of when they will become available in packs, and when those packs will be made available to collectors. 

We’re sharing this update with our community today to provide transparency into a new approach to our process, because by adopting this path forward, you will: 

  • Get to watch and enjoy upcoming Moments earlier than ever. 
  • Have 100% of the details and data surrounding a pack drop available to you from the moment it is announced. 

While this update is most relevant to our power users, who catch new Moments being minted on the blockchain like NBA scouts covertly sitting in the bleachers taking notes on new prospects and draft talent, we’re sharing it with everyone. 

In the spirit of this update, the lead of our Content Curation team, Austin Kent, has also published a new primer on every Set that collectors can expect to find within these pack drops for the remainder of the 2022-23 NBA regular season. 

For more information about upcoming Sets in Series 4, read our new blog. If you have any questions, please send them to mailbag@nbatopshot.com and we’ll address them in an upcoming Office Hours podcast. Happy collecting!