The NBA Finals will bring us some of the most Legendary Moments of the season. As we watch and wait for a team to raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy, some of the most exciting Moments of the Finals are already up for grabs.  

This year, collectors can climb 4 different Leaderboards to win a total of 319 NBA Finals Legendary Packs from our upcoming 2023 NBA Finals Drop — with the remaining supply of Packs available in Drops that’ll take place later this June. 

Read more about Top Shot’s NBA Finals plans here

Inside each Pack, you won’t just find the best Finals Moments from the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat, but also, a small chance at Legendary Anthology Moments from the 2016 and 2017 NBA Finals featuring two of the most iconic Moments in NBA history, one from LeBron James (The Block!) and one from Kevin Durant (The Dagger!). A small number of these two Anthology Moments can be earned directly from these Leaderboards for collectors who rank atop the rest.

Learn more about the Leaderboards and Rules here.  

Leaderboard 1 started with Game 1 of the NBA Finals and ended at the conclusion of Game 2, with the Heat and Nuggets leaving Denver tied 1-1.

Here’s a recap of the action and some data we can share ahead of Leaderboard 2, starting on Wednesday night with the tip-off of Game 3 in Miami. 

By The Numbers

26,518 total Playoffs Moments were burned.

27 Legendary, 458 Rare, and 26,033 Common Moments were burned as 541 collectors participated in this Leaderboard. 

Notably, the most Legendary and Rare Moments burned were from Series 1. 

A full breakdown of the 100 biggest Moment burns, the 100 players with the most burned Moments, and burns by Set can be found here

The Final Buzzer

The intensity amplified in the 4th Quarter of Game 2.

As Game 2 of the NBA Finals reached a conclusion, the level of trade-ins by collectors continued to increase considerably.

Here’s a by-the-minute look at the volume of Playoffs Moments being traded in as the game wound down.

King for a Crown

For the two collectors who finished 1st and 2nd and secured The Block Anthology Moment — minted to just /23, making it the most limited edition Legendary Moment ever released on Top Shot — their moves towards the top of the Leaderboard took place well before the game ended. 

To earn their spots, staystacced and dingaling each burned a Legendary LeBron James Series 1 Moment from the NBA Finals, worth 866,046 Top Shot Score, the single most Top Shot Score ever burned via one Moment in Top Shot history — and over 21X the third biggest single Moment burn on the first NBA Finals Leaderboard.  

Finishing in first place, StayStacced earned “The Block” and “The Dagger” Legendary Anthology Moments, a 2023 NBA Finals Legendary Pack, a 2022 NBA Finals Legendary Pack, and a 2021 NBA Finals Legendary Pack. 

To receive that haul of prizes, they traded in a: 

  • 1X Legendary LeBron James Series 1 2020 NBA Finals Legendary Moment
  • 1X Rare Tyler Herro Series 1 Eastern Conference Finals Moment
  • 1X Rare Jayson Tatum Series 1 Eastern Conference Finals Moment
  • 4X Rare James Harden Series 1 Conference Semifinals Moment

It goes down as the single “biggest” trade in Top Shot history, but with three more Leaderboards to come, we’ll see if that record holds.