*UPDATE* As of 9:15 pm ET on January 11, 2023, all Platinum Ice Moments have been successfully burned.

All Platinum Ice Moments will be burned by NBA Top Shot starting on January 11, 2023. 

These “Ultimate Tier” Moments each have an edition size of three and were first minted in Series 1, then created alongside every Moment in Series 1, Series 2, Summer ‘21, and Series 3. Every Platinum Ice Moment is the same exact play and highlight as existing Moments across Common, Fandom, Rare and Legendary Tiers. 

Over the coming hours, every single one of them will be burned. 

In total, 7,962 Moments across NBA Top Shot’s history will be permanently removed from the platform, never to be seen again. By destroying them, the collectibility of the Moments that already exist across the collections of our community members will be more deeply established.

A decision of this magnitude is one we’ve been preparing for quite some time. 

Today we’re excited to bring the burning of Platinum Ice to life and set the tempo for the rest of 2023.

What about Top Shot’s Genesis Moments? 

Genesis Moments are the first NFTs ever minted on the Flow Blockchain. Each Genesis Moment is a 1 of 1 “Ultimate Tier” Moment that was minted exclusively for the first 150 Moments to exist. 

Genesis Moments are significant historical collectibles that are essential to the story of NBA Top Shot, the NBA’s exploration of Web3, and the history of NFTs and the Flow Blockchain. 

With that established, let us be extremely clear: 

There are no current or future plans to release Genesis Moments. If these Moments are ever released, it will be done with extreme care and consideration of our existing community.

We look forward to celebrating the best of the NBA season as 2023 unfolds.