In 2022, NBA Top Shot partnered with the NBA to produce 31 1/1 digital collectibles to commemorate the league’s 75th anniversary and celebrate the future with our fans. 

Today, the official Marketplace to buy and sell the most scarce, limited edition and utility-packed collectibles in NBA Top Shot history is officially open

When they were originally made available, 30 of these were auctioned to sports collectors for an average price of $51,134, and one was won in a contest by a lucky member of the NBA Top Shot community.

All 31 are backed by incredible utility and experiences for NBA fans, centered around the 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 NBA All-Star festivities: 

  • Two lower-bowl tickets to the NBA All-Star Game, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, which includes the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest, the MTN DEW® 3-Point Contest and the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, and Clorox Rising Stars.

  • Shootaround with an NBA Legend on NBA All-Star court.

  • A VIP merchandise bag, including an NBA All-Star jersey.
  • An exclusive guest invitation to an NBA reception.
  • Inside access to All-Star planning via a virtual panel with NBA Events prior to arrival.
  • Personalized All-Star itinerary with VIP support.

  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the host arena with an NBA executive.
  • An on-court photo on the official NBA All-Star Game court.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of NBA Top Shot history and unlocking access to the incredible benefits tied to these collectibles, visit the Marketplace today and see if any of the owners are ready to part ways with these 1/1 All Star VIP Passes.

NBA VIP Pass NFT Marketplace

If you’re an owner, the snapshot to attend and begin the VIP experience that comes along with each year’s event is on January 1, 2023 — and the following January 1 each year. You must own the NFT and hold it in your collection on January 1, 2023 to attend. 

When it comes to your Top Shot Score, each All-Star VIP NFT is an Edition of one that is treated like any other Edition of one would be, with the exception that it has a floor value of 250,000 TSS. In the future, if the Average Sales Price or Purchase Price would generate a Top Shot Score that exceeds 250,000, it will be adjusted upward accordingly. The Top Shot Score value of these collectibles will never fall below 250,000.

Visit the Marketplace today to browse these 1/1 collectibles backed by incredible NBA utility!