Time to Break Down the Numbers (and Win Big)

Time to give numerology a go. We want to see your best Showcase… by the numbers. 

What’s goin’ down.

Basketball is a numbers game. From record breaking milestones to season long projections, numbers play a big part of the sports season. Games are coming back soon, and we want to celebrate some numerology around the NBA, so show us what you got. 

Create a Showcase that plays off any of the following numbers games to win a prize: 

  • Every player has the same jersey number
  • Every Moment has the same serial number
  • Player jersey numbers are sequential (ex. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28)
  • One player, each Moment from a different Edition (ex. all number 0)

Have an idea of how to organize by number? DM Usman and we’ll evaluate adding to the list.

Showcase requirements for entry.

Tell us why you picked those Moments and check out other submissions in #showcase-contest.

The reward. 

We know you’d be happy to just show off your stellar Collection, but we’re going to sweeten the deal anyway. 

The reward for participating in this Showcase contest will be a moment from a not-yet-released common set that is a fan fave of the Top Shot team: Cali vs NY. This rivalry pack is full of your favorite players from Cali and NY. What’s a little East coast, West coast rivalry among friends?

By participating, you'll win a random low serial number Moment from that set.

Note: If you participated in east v. west this will be an additional random Moment you are rewarded, to be distributed at random.


Once the contest closes, the Top Shot team will review your Showcases to make sure you didn’t try to sneak in any funny business. Keep your moments in your Showcase contest until confirmation of entry to ensure you don’t miss out. Showcases may not be reviewed immediately and trading or gifting the moments in them will result in disqualification.