Fandom is a way of life.

It’s not just rooting for your favorite team to win. It’s knowing the name of the backup center’s new puppy. It’s “going to the bathroom” on date night to check the score on your phone. It’s rattling off the names of former players with your friends until your brain melts. 

Team Packs are a new collectible on NBA Top Shot. They're designed to celebrate your fandom and make it easier for new Top Shot collectors, and members of our die-hard community of basketball fans, to collect Moments specifically from their favorite team. 

Team Packs are the first time in Top Shot history, and NBA collecting history, that you can buy a Pack and know that 100% of the collectibles inside will exclusively represent one team. Your team.

All 30 NBA teams will have custom $4.99 Team Packs, made available to all new collectors starting their Top Shot experience to offer a natural “first rip” after selecting their Favorite Team — and made available for limited periods (on Top Shot’s mobile App and website) during NBA games for all fans and collectors. Starting tonight. 

Inside Team Packs, you’ll find 3 limited edition and officially licensed Moments, with the chance to pull something special: 

  • New historical Archive Moments featuring fan favorites from your team.

  • /500 mint count Base Set Explosions from the ‘23-24 season.

  • Rare Moments spanning Top Shot’s history so far.

During this season, these new Archive Moments and Explosions will exclusively be released via Team Packs — so if you want to collect them, you know exactly where to find ‘em. 

By collecting (and locking) all 90 Explosion Moments from the '23-24 NBA season on Top Shot, collectors will earn $100 in NBA Top Shot balance — delivered at the conclusion of the season and after a pre-announced snapshot is taken.

The first Team Packs drop on Wednesday, December 13, alongside the tip-off of the night’s NBA action, on Top Shot's mobile App and website.