October 1, 2020, marks the day that Top Shot opened its doors to the public — introducing NBA fans to officially licensed digital collectibles of the league’s best plays and players.

Today, we’re celebrating our third birthday party, and we’re excited to share it with all of our collectors and NBA fans worldwide. 

It wouldn’t be a party without some Packs to rip...


On the afternoon of Monday, October 2, Top Shot’s Packs Marketplace will go live — starting things off with Series 1 Packs as we revisit Top Shot history with each Series, leading up to NBA Tip-Off. More details will be shared in a dedicated announcement for this highly anticipated new feature!


By buying any Moment between Monday, October 2, and Friday, October 6, you’ll be added to Top Shot’s Birthday Gift List. 

Collectors on the Gift List will receive a Happy Birthday Pack with 1 Moment inside, featuring commemorative Pack Art for our third Birthday.

These Packs will either have a Common Series 4 Moment inside, or, a Common, Rare, or Legendary Moment from Top Shot history. 

There is a limit of one pack per collector.

Top Shot Marketplace

We’ve unwrapped the following Packs and are mixing their Moments in with the rest of the gifts, giving a few lucky collectors the ultimate Birthday Pack surprise. 

  • (1) Top Shot 50 Pack 
  • (1) Rookie Revelation Pack 
  • (1) Run It Back: Legacies 1986-87 Pack
  • (1) Magic Johnson: The Anthology Pack 
  • (1) Larry Bird The Anthology “Rare Bird” Pack
  • (1) Run It Back: 2005-06 Pack 
  • (1) Deck The Hoops (Series 2) Pack
  • (1) Deck The Hoops: 2010s (Series 3) Pack 
  • (1) Holo Icon (Series 3) Pack
  • (1) Holo Icon (Series 2) Pack 

These Birthday Packs will be delivered in October, following the conclusion of this week-long promotion. This variation of our Happy Birthday Pack Art will never be used again.


We’ll have giveaways on Twitter, Discord, and Reddit all day long on October 2, sharing Dapper Balance, Merch, and Packs as prizes with our community. Along with it, Top Shot communities will be celebrating this event with their own initiatives and giveaways. 


Our trip through the best Moments of the 2014-19 NBA seasons continues this week with the first Run It Back: Origins Pack Drop at 3 PM ET on October 3, featuring 11 Rare Rookie Moments. Each $49 Pack includes 1 Rare Rookie minted to 399 and 9 Archive Set Moments. 

A series of Leaderboards will also be live today to win Run It Back Origins Moments and Packs, featuring Rare Rookie Moments. Join them here.

Starting at 1 PM ET today, collectors can also earn the new Jalen Brunson Rookie Archive Set Moment and Kawhi Leonard “The Shot” Legacies Moment (with in-arena crowd audio) by completing their respective Challenges

Thank you for celebrating our third birthday with us, and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds.