Sometimes, the best things in life are free … as long as you jump through the right hoops.

Many collectors enjoy the satisfaction of owning and showing off a complete set of collectibles. Challenges are one way that NBA Top Shot helps collectors understand what new collectibles are available in a set while rewarding those collectors who have and maintain a complete set as new Moments drop.

What is a Challenge?

In a challenge, you're tasked with collecting a number of specific types of Moments within a given time frame. Normally you'll need to collect somewhere between 9 and 14 Moments and you'll have between one and three weeks to complete the challenge. Once you have all the required Moments, your job is simple: hold on to those Moments until the challenge countdown timer expires.

When you visit the challenges page, you'll be able to see which challenges are currently running as well as your current progress towards each. Click in to see the full details about which Moments are required, then find those missing Moments in packs (while supplies last) or on the marketplace where you can buy from other collectors! Make sure that you're collecting the exact Moment (same play and set) that's required for the challenge.

How are challenge rewards distributed?

As soon a challenge timer expires, we'll take a snapshot to determine which accounts meet all the challenge requirements. We take the complete list of everyone who qualifies for the reward for that challenge and randomize the list, then mint and distribute the stated challenge reward in that random order, usually the same day the challenge countdown timer completes its course. You could receive the #1 serial number of the reward!

Please note: rewards are limited to one per collector. If you complete the challenge five times over, you will only receive one challenge reward.

Because of how challenges work, rewards will almost always be the rarest collectibles of the set. To ensure that they don't end up too rare (preventing future collectors from having a shot at completing the set), we'll always ensure that we mint a minimum number of challenge rewards (for rare set challenges in series 1 so far, this number has been 150). That means that if only 134 challenges are completed, we'll mint an additional 16 of the reward for distribution at a later date. If 156 challenges are completed, we'll still mint three extra which would only be distributed at our discretion to resolve customer service issues (such as last second site issues or software glitches), so in this example 159 total rewards would be minted.

Once the rewards are minted, we'll retire that Moment which means that we're locked out from ever creating another collectible from that play in that set again.

How to get started?

There are usually at least a couple challenges running at any given time, so head over to the challenges page to check your progress and seek out your rewards. Don't forget that you can fill in any missing slots by shopping in the marketplace, or visit the Discord community to see if you can make any trades to help round out your collection.