Champions are immortal. 

As of today, Moments from a team’s championship season will be, too.

Introducing the commemorative “Championship Year" badge to distinguish Moments from teams that went on to win the championship. 

This badge will retroactively be applied to:

  • All 28 of the Los Angeles Lakers 2019-2020 Moments from Series 1 (Run It Back Lakers Moments will not count)
  • All 3 of the San Antonio Spurs Run It Back 2013-14 Moments from Series 1 

In addition, shortly after a champion is crowned this season, every single Moment from either the Phoenix Suns or Milwaukee Bucks, in Series 2, will receive the Championship Year badge to commemorate their season.



Q: P.J. Tucker played for both the Rockets AND the Bucks this season. Will he get a badge for ALL of his Moments on both teams?

A: No. P.J. Tucker Moments will receive a Championship Year badge only for the team that wins the championship. Tucker got traded to the Bucks in the middle of the season. While Tucker’s Bucks Moments are eligible to receive this badge if the Bucks win, Tucker’s Rockets Moments will be unaffected either way.  

Q: How soon will badges be added to whichever team wins the championship?

A: Moments from the championship team will receive the badge within 24 hours of a champion being crowned. 

Q: Are there more badges coming soon?

A: We plan to add badges slowly over time. We do not have plans for any other badges in the immediate future, but we are leaving the door open for more badges coming down the road. 

Q: Will these badges apply to Base Set Moments and other Moments from the regular season? 

A: Yes, as long as the Moment happened in the team’s championship year, it’ll receive a Championship Year badge.

Q: What about All-Star Game Moments… will they receive Championship Year badges?

A: No. All-Star Game Moments will not receive a Championship Year badge.

Q: I'm new here...  are there other badges on Top Shot?

A: Yes! In March we introduced badges for rookie Moments and Moments that were players' Top Shot debuts.