Happy Sunday, Top Shot Squad! 

Just a note for all collectors in the community:

Like any free market, Moment values on NBA Top Shot are largely defined by supply and demand.

We have minted, and are going to continue to mint, many more Moments for Series 2. As we continue to release more packs and grow our NBA Top Shot community, you all should expect the circulating count of common Moments (i.e. the supply of same-edition common Moments minted) to continue to increase as we strive to meet the demands from our user base. Any common Moment that you see with the "CC" designation below its thumbnail means that we will likely continue to mint more of the Moment. Please be aware, it's fairly uncommon for us to retire a Moment (i.e. convert it from "CC" to "LE"), so it's not a wise investment strategy to rely on it happening.

Take a look at this image for more context:

The De'Aaron Fox layup has a "CC" in its Moment description. This means that while there are already 15,000 of these Moments minted, it's possible that NBA Top Shot will mint even more of them before they're retired as a Limited Edition (LE) Moment. On the other hand, the Mitchell Robinson Moment from last season is denoted with the "LE" tag. This means that there are (and will only ever be) 299 of these Moments in existence. As you can see, the Mitchell Robinson Moment is far scarcer with far less listed on the Marketplace, and both of those factors impact the market's valuation.

All rare and legendary Moments will be minted with Limited Edition sizes. Some common Moments - like Cool Cats - will be minted with Limited Edition sizes. However, most Base Set Moments will be released with an undefined edition size. Make sense?

There is one layer to this that's slightly more complicated:

Currently, there are a small number of Moments in the Marketplace from Series 1 that are Limited Edition but haven't yet been fully released to the ecosystem, such as this Harry Giles Moment:

While there are 1000 of these Harry Giles Moments minted. Many of the Moments haven't yet been released to the market yet. They're either sitting in unopened packs, or never made it into a pack to begin with. This was a consequence from an unexpected learning that we wouldn't be able to include any Series 1 Moments in Series 2 packs. Still, we feel it's important to release these Moments into the economy at some point soon. There's an artificiality to the current supply and demand of these Moments, and it's a priority of ours to address it, before these lead to a further outsized bubble.

Here are some other Moments that fall under the same edge-case as Giles:

We hope you take these factors into account as you formulate your collecting strategy.

Until next time, happy collecting!