Completing Sets on Top Shot is an achievement for many collectors. Later this summer, collectors will be able to showcase their creativity to monetize select completed and locked Sets.

Today, the following 13 Sets from Series 4 have been closed, meaning there will never be another Moment added to them. 

  • 2023 NBA Finals
  • 2023 NBA Playoffs
  • Fit Check
  • Fresh Threads
  • Hustle and Show
  • In Their Bag
  • Metallic Gold LE
  • Rookie Debut
  • Rookie Revelation
  • The Challenge: Icon
  • The Challenge: Pro
  • The Champion's Path
  • Top Shot 50

If you want to complete any of these newly closed Sets, tracking your progress has never been easier with new upgrades to your collector profile

Series 4 NBA Top Shot Sets

Tracking Your Sets and Collecting Progress 

Set collecting on Top Shot has a fresh look and design, making it easier for collectors to track their progress and learn more about each Set. Visit the Sets in your collection to experience the changes first-hand, and keep reading for a brief overview of the current improvements: 

Set Completion Summary: This makes it easy to see how many Moments within a Set you currently have, or are missing, illuminating in green once you have every Moment in a Set. For larger Sets, like Base Set and Playoffs, you can see completion progress and performance across different teams. This section will also showcase the average serial number of all the Moments you own in a Completed Set.

Set Playlists: This makes it easy to watch every Moment in a Set in a continuous full-screen viewing experience.

Set Moments: This makes it easy to shop for Moments you are missing in your collection, adding the Low Ask for each Moment to the page with a direct button to the Moment in the Marketplace.

Player Lists: Each Set now features a list of every player in the Set.

Set Data: These new features make it easier to learn about a Set, the timeframe of the Moments it represents, and how many collectors have also completed it.

Over the summer, we’ll continue to implement improvements to the collecting experience on Top Shot!

If there’s a feature you want to see added to these new Set pages, let us know by emailing