When the 2023 NBA Finals came to an end, the Denver Nuggets secured their first NBA Championship in franchise history. This dominant run through the Playoffs saw the Nuggets go 16-4, one of the best records in the last 20 NBA postseasons, shutting down the Miami Heat’s Cinderella run from the Play-In Tournament in the process. 

Congratulations to the Denver Nuggets and their fanbase on this milestone achievement, and to the Miami Heat on a valiant and impressive fight to the very end. 

This week, Legendary NBA Finals Moments that celebrate the best of the Nuggets and Heat will become available — and the 2023 NBA Finals Set will be the smallest, scarcest, and most limited edition Legendary Finals Set in Top Shot History.

  • 2020 NBA Finals (Series 1): 9 Moments minted to /79 each + 1 Challenge Reward
  • 2021 NBA Finals (Series 2): 10 Moments minted to /120 each + 2 Challenge Rewards
  • 2022 NBA Finals (Series 3): 8 Moments minted to /75 each + 1 Challenge Reward
  • 2023 NBA Finals (Series 4): 6 Moments minted to /75 each + 1 Challenge Reward

Here’s everything you need to know about collecting these Legendary Moments from the 2023 NBA Finals. 

  • Pack Details: Welcome to the smallest Legendary Finals Pack Drop in Top Shot history. Only 485 total Packs will be made, and 319 have already been earned across four different Leaderboards during the NBA Finals. These Leaderboard Packs, along with Anthology Moments and other Finals Leaderboard Rewards, will be delivered on June 16. Only 166 remaining Packs will be available for sale on Thursday, June 15 (Priority Access) and Friday, June 16 (Early Access, General Admission).
  • Pack Content: Each Pack contains 9 Moments, with 1 Legendary NBA Finals Moment (from 2023, 2017, or 2016), 1 Metallic Gold LE Rare, 2 Hustle and Show, 2 Spotlight Series, and 3 Base Set or Parallel.
  • Legendary Denver Nuggets in Packs: Jamal Murray, Christian Braun, and Aaron Gordon.
  • Legendary Miami Heat in Packs: Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Kyle Lowry. 
  • The Legendary 2023 NBA Finals Challenge Reward: Finals MVP Nikola Jokić, whose Moment can be earned by collecting and locking all 6 2023 NBA Finals Moments.
  • The Legendary Anthology Moments: 2 “The Block” Moments from The Anthology: LeBron James and 33 “The Dagger” Moments from The Anthology: Kevin Durant are hidden inside these Packs, and you may find them instead of a Denver Nuggets or Miami Heat Legendary Moment. 
  • Priority Access Drop Details (Starting June 15): Collectors who completed and locked eligible Legendary Sets before January 5, 2023, earned Priority Access to Legendary Drops in Series 4, and 41 collectors have reserved access to 88 Packs already. These collectors will receive dedicated links to buy these Packs with 16+ hours of advanced notice before the main Drops. These collectors are also eligible to receive Dapper Balance Back per purchase based on their Top Shot Score. This Dapper Balance Back promotion is not eligible for the Early Access and General Admission Pack Drops. Any unsold Packs from this supply will be added to the General Admission Drop.
  • Early Access Drop Details (June 16 at 2 PM ET): 55 Legendary Packs will be available in an Early Access Drop for collectors with a 100,000 or higher Total Drop Score. These Packs will be $499. This will be a live Queue at 2 PM ET with a Waiting Room that opens at 1 PM ET. Anyone with a 100,000 Total Drop Score at the time of the Drop can join the Queue.
  • General Admission Drop Details (June 16 at 3 PM ET): 23 Legendary Packs will be available in a General Admission Drop for all collectors. These Packs will be $499. Any unsold Priority Access Packs will be added to this Drop. This will be a live Queue at 3 PM ET with a Waiting Room that opens at 2:30 PM ET. 

If you aren’t able to collect any of these Legendary Moments and secure a Pack, there’s still time to redeem Common NBA Finals Moments from the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets in the Redemption Hub. Learn more about this Drop and watch the Moments here.