Over the past few months, Burn Leaderboards have given collectors the choice to burn Moments in their collection to compete for prizes ranging from new Packs to Legendary Anthology Moments from NBA history. 

As we’ve gathered feedback from our community and come to our own conclusions on how these could be improved, there’s been one consistent feeling that’s been shared – it doesn’t feel good to burn Moments and get nothing in return.

Today, that changes. 

We’ve been developing a new version of our burning Leaderboard technology, and soon, it'll be ready for a stress test before being formally rolled out on a wider scale.

It’s possible not all Leaderboards operate using this method moving forward, but we have some plans to lean into it over the coming days and weeks!

How It Works

  • When you choose to participate in a Burn Leaderboard, you submit eligible Moments, just like you do today. The Top Shot Score of these Moments is tallied and applied to the qualifying Leaderboard.

  • These Moments are temporarily locked for the duration of the Leaderboard, if they aren’t already locked in your collection, with a “Temporary Lock” label applied to them in your collection.

  • At the end of the Leaderboard, the collectors who finish in a winning position will have their Moments burned and prizes delivered to them. Anyone and everyone who does not receive a prize will have the "Temporary Lock" lifted and the Moments will be in their collection just as they were before.

  • If you used Moments that were already Locked, they’ll remain locked with the same remaining duration on the Lock. If you used Moments that were unlocked, they’ll have the "Temporary Lock" removed and remain unlocked.
  • When the "Temporary Lock" is lifted on your Moments, their Top Shot Score and ownership history will remain intact. 

Stress Test: Cade Cunningham’s #1 Serial Top Shot Debut

For this Stress Test, which is now live here, collectors can use all Cade Cunningham Common, Fandom, Rare, and Legendary Moments to compete. 

Only 1 collector will win, with their Moments burned and the #1 Cade Cunningham Top Shot Debut delivered to them as a prize.

All other participants will have the "Temporary Lock" on their Moments lifted. The "Temporary Lock" lifts approximately one hour following the end of the Leaderboard.

This Leaderboard is now live, and will end at 9 PM ET on Thursday, August 17.

This announcement has been updated to reflect that the Leaderboard is now live and the timeframe of the stress test has been shortened to less than 24 hours.