On February 14, 2023, a Challenge was completed by 308 collectors with a Donovan Mitchell Moment Reward in the “The Challenge: Champion” Set. A mistake was made with the minting and distribution of this Moment, and only 105 were delivered, not the intended 308. 

A new Donovan Mitchell “The Challenge: Champion” Reward Moment will be minted.

Collectors who received the Mis-Minted /105 edition have two choices: 

  • Burn their Moment for the properly minted Moment, which will be the only version of the Moment that counts towards Set Rewards and Complete Set status for “The Challenge: Champion.” The serial number will be randomized for all collectors and there will be no guarantees to receive the matching serial number of the original /105 Moment.

  • Keep their “Mis-Mint” Moment out of /105, which will still function as any other Donovan Mitchell Moment in their collection but does not count towards a complete “Champion” Set. Panel art on the Mis-Minted Mitchell Moment out of /105 will undergo some cosmetic changes to differentiate between the “Mis-Mint” and the new Mitchell.

  • There will never be more than /308 total Donovan Mitchell “The Challenge: Champion” Reward Moments between the two editions. To reiterate, only the newly minted Moment will count towards a complete Set in The Challenge: Champion. 

Starting today at 3pm ET and until February 22, 2023, at 3pm ET, collectors who received one of the /105 will be able to burn their Moment or choose to keep it. 

After February 22, 2023, at 3pm ET, the 203 collectors who did not receive their Moment, along with the participants who burned their edition of /105, will receive the new Moment. After the Challenge concludes and the new Mitchell has been distributed, the current “Mis-Mint” Mitchell will be unlocked on the Marketplace.

To give you all the information you need to make your decision, today we can confirm and reveal that The Challenge: Champion Set will have a unique Reward for collectors who own every Moment in the “Champion” Set when the Set closes — excluding the “Mis-Mint” Mitchell. 

You can complete the Donovan Mitchell Champion Crafting Challenge to redeem the correct Moment starting today at 3pm ET.