WNBA July Leaderboard Collector Updates 

The 2023 WNBA All-Star events saw an instant-classic three-point contest performance from Sabrina Ionescu and Jewell Loyd’s history-making, record-breaking 31-point All-Star Game MVP performance. Alongside them, Allisha Gray made her mark as a first-time All-Star. 

Moments from these 3 All-Stars will be up for grabs in July’s WNBA Pop-Up Leaderboard, which ends on Friday, July 28 at 4 PM ET. 

  • A Reel of Sabrina Ionescu’s unreal shooting display from the Three Point Contest will be minted to /99 and rewarded to the Top 99 WNBA collectors on the Leaderboard.
  • A Moment of Jewell Loyd’s dominant display, MVP trophy and all, will be minted to /499 and rewarded to the Top 499 WNBA collectors on the Leaderboard.
  • A Moment of Allisha Gray’s first All-Star game will be minted to /1997 and rewarded to the Top 1997 WNBA collectors on the Leaderboard.

By finishing in the Top 99, you'll receive all 3 Moments. By finishing in the Top 499, you'll receive 2 of the 3 Moments.

To climb the Leaderboard, collect any W Moments. See the Final Standings here.

WNBA Legendary Team Leaderboard Rewards 

The Top 50 collectors on all 12 WNBA Team Leaderboards at 4 PM ET on Friday, July 28 will lock themselves into position to earn new Legendary WNBA Moments, minted to /50, delivered later this WNBA season. 

UPDATE: The Confirmed Top 50 collectors on each WNBA Team Leaderboard when the Snapshot was taken at 4 PM ET on Friday, July 28 can be found here. The Leaderboard results are final and each of these collectors will receive these Legendary Moments later this WNBA season!

To climb a WNBA Team Leaderboard, collect and lock any Moments from that team before the deadline. Here's a direct link to each WNBA Team Leaderboard:

These new Legendary Moments will be delivered before the conclusion of the 2023 WNBA Playoffs, as we work with our partners to source the best footage possible and create this special collection worthy of the top W collectors.

The Next WNBA Pack Drop and Fandom Leaderboard

The WNBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals is Tuesday, August 15, featuring an epic showdown between the Las Vegas Aces and New York Liberty — and the only thing better than watching the very best of the W is ripping Packs while you do. On August 15, the next Base Set Drop of the WNBA Season will arrive. 

Similar to our first Pack Drops of the season, collectors will also have the opportunity to earn Packs from this Drop by completing Challenges tied to the Commissioner’s Cup Finals and participating in a Burn Leaderboard.

Details about the Drop will be revealed in August, but expect new WNBA Top Shot Debuts and Moments from some of the league’s brightest stars.  

The WNBA Fandom Leaderboard, which will go live on August 14 and end on August 29, will feature 3 new Fandom Rewards, with 2 of 3, or all 3, from the Commissioner’s Cup Finals.

This blog was updated on Friday, July 28 at 4:18 PM ET with the confirmed Leaderboard winners.