Almost one year ago, the very first Moments appeared in NBA Top Shot. 

And as we celebrate the community built over the past year and look into the future, we know we’ve got a lot of work to do to continue creating this new world with you. 

We’re going to keep up a better cadence of communication and let you all know about work we have in-progress instead of waiting until everything is done to announce. These are the baby steps in our process to best serve the community long term. The updates from this blog won’t be overwhelming, but they’ll provide some breadcrumbs for what you can expect in the not-too-distant future.  

Last Thursday we gave some specific details on remaining Series 2 drops, this week we’re giving more details on what a transparent content roadmap means for next season –– and share some thinking around what we’re working on around collector score, new features, and easier payments in and out. Let’s get into it!

1. Playoff Packs Are Here! Plus What Transparency on Content Roadmap Means 

We’ve already announced there are only two rare and two legendary drops remaining in season 2. We'll also have common 2021 NBA Playoff Packs, which are the first time we are making these historic Moments available in an accessible $14 pack by reservation only. Click here for more details.

By next regular season, we’ll be announcing content release plans for the entire season from the start because we know the perfect collection takes strategy. And strategy takes planning.

What does that mean for you?

  • A content roadmap including key pack drops. In other words, we’ll provide ballpark timelines, with clarity on which parts of our content plan will serve as tent poles to our release strategy -- and which parts include flexibility so we can still bring you good surprises. 
  • Upper bounds for the number of Moments any single player will have. 

In addition, we’ll be doing a lot more work to tell the stories behind each drop and challenge –– and why each Moment was chosen, 

Every day we aim to make your collector journey better -- and we hope this roadmap will empower true collectors to draw up a strategy & make informed decisions from the jump.

2. Updates: Collector Score & Rewards For Active Collecting

A feature is under development to allow every NBA Top Shot user to see their Collector Score updating in real-time in their user profile. As always, if you dispose of Moments in your collection (or break full sets), you will lose the associated Collector Score points. 

To go along with this, we are pleased to roll out a series of upgrades for Collector Score that deepen the “Choose Your Own Adventure” style set of decisions for new collectors just getting started with NBA Top Shot. Starting soon, complete sets, challenges, and quests will count toward Collector Score bonuses, giving new collectors immediate utility as soon as they complete their first few steps in the Top Shot universe. 

In addition, as of the upcoming Premium Packs drop, we will pre-announce Collector Score eligibility criteria for pack drops remaining in Series 2, allowing new and existing collectors to know exactly how to get started when they hear about the next upcoming drop from NBA Top Shot. 

3. Exploring: New Features and Marketing

As you know, our team has been focused on optimizing scalability, support, and payments to make the collector experience world-class. Now that all three are well on their way, the team has started turning our focus to new feature development and collector benefits. 

We have brought on an All-Star team of marketers from the NFL, MLB, and NBA to help guide our vision. We will not rush out of the gates with an all-out marketing blitz until the product is ready, but over the coming months and into the offseason, you will see us experiment and iterate as we look to bring new collectors to the yard. In beta, it’ll sometimes look like we are taking a step back before we can take three steps forward. 

What are we working on to get the product ready? I’m glad you asked. 

Easy payments –– in and out: 

We are working on the ability to process large (>$100k) deposits via wire transfer through our banking partners. Instructions will be embedded into the Dapper Credits purchase flow for eligible collectors. 

We are also working on ACH (Automated Clearing House) integration –– for both deposits and withdrawals. This should allow rapid and safe transactions for collectors of any size. 

New Avenues for Moment Utility: 

Yesterday we announced a special Discord channel for those who hold the complete Cool Cats set – this channel will be the core of our community going forward and will include access to people as well as products (digital or physical), on an ad hoc basis.

More generally, we’re working in partnership with Collab.Land to lay the framework of Moments in your collection granting you access to unique experiences within the community and discord as well as letting others build functionality for Top Shot collectors as well.

Most exciting, we’re almost ready to start talking about what Moment utility can mean now that fans can start attending games in person! Expect exploration and experimentation here before anything big. On this note, we –– and every NBA team we speak to –– want to hear from you too. The absolute best way you can help us is go onto and show your support for ideas you’re passionate about –– or add your own and lobby others to upvote. We will filter through and share the best community submissions with our partners.

While Top Shot may be new, with so much ahead of us, we’ve been sure of one thing from the start: there’s nothing like this community. Thanks for holding us accountable and helping us improve. We’re proud to build with you - and for you.