What’s up Top Shot squad!

Welcome to another edition of the NBA Top Shot Community Roundup. This is a one-stop blog for all things NBA Top Shot. We’ll cover some FAQs we’re seeing from collectors, recap the best ideas we’ve seen from the community, and lastly share some big-time Moment acquisitions from the last two weeks.

If you have an idea or suggestion, please don't hesitate to share it with us on Discord or Twitter. Without further ado, let’s jump into it:


How many reward challenges will be minted and how will extras be distributed?

A minimum of 25 legendary, 150 rare, and 1000 common challenge rewards will be minted. We will link the Official NBA Top Shot Challenge guide with info about minimum rewards in each future challenge tab. Extra rewards will help increase the economy of all Moments for everyone and will be a win-win for the entire Top Shot community. We have also recently published a blog explaining how challenge rewards will be distributed to the community. 

Will the team at Top Shot be advertising its product?

We are already lightly promoting NBA Top Shot. We are working to figure out the best messaging to explain Top Shot to NBA fans who haven’t yet played with digital collectibles before. Check out this message from our friend and Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon.


  • veerman requested labels for Moments such as “First Appearance,” “Rookie Moment,” and “Challenge Reward.” They’d also requested adding a filter in the Marketplace to search for these labels.

  • StayMe7o and DecentralizedWeb requested functionality to message collectors on NBA Top Shot directly.

  • veerman praised the new dark mode feature for the activity tab and would also like the same in the Dapper confirmation screen.

  • WookieeCookies requested the option to allow filtering for specific serial numbers on the Marketplace besides the current range available.

  • WookieeCookies also asked for the option to write notes next to your Moments to jot down any information you’ve learned (ex. why it’s valuable, if it’s in current trade talks, projections on the future value of the Moment, etc).

  • scalynelson requested a search and filter option on your activity tab.

  • Luke | NonFunGerbils expressed concern over the inability to find if the username you’re gifting a Moment to exist. They asked for the ability to hyperlink their profile when confirming so you can double-check.

  • CryptoCowboy wanted announcements or notifications for when a challenge begins through the Top Shot website.


Way to go on scooping up this #32/50 Giannis legendary Holo Dunk for $2,100, MantaXR. This is the two-time NBA MVP’s first play in Top Shot history.

Sweet pickup on this #77/79 legendary 2020 NBA Finals LeBron James Moment for $1,830 KAREN. King James shows no signs of slowing down his Hall of Fame performance after 17 seasons in the NBA.

Trae Young is rapidly rising to superstardom. Congratulations on grabbing his #20/25 legendary Holo Moment for $1,750 KAREN. You’ve got an expert eye for collecting.

Let’s hear it for Dyhalto, who grabbed this Jimmy Butler #21/50 legendary Holo Moment for $1,500. Smart pickup on the Miami Heat star who put up a legendary performance in the 2020 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Joel Embiid is a dominant force on the court, having averaged 30 PPG/12.3 REB/1.3 BLK/1.5 STL and an 81.4% FT shooting percentage this past postseason. Fantastic choice on grabbing his #11/50 legendary Holo Moment for $1,500 trilldebeest.

The Beard continues to be feared, as James Harden put up ridiculous scoring numbers again this past season. Great choice in acquiring this #17/50 legendary Holo Moment for $1,385 Dyhalto.

Jrue Holiday has had a phenomenal career and is currently helping his young Pelicans team to strive for greatness. Amazing pickup on this #3/50 legendary Holo Moment for $1,248 trilldebeest.

Congrats on grabbing this serial number/jersey match #27/50 legendary Holo Rudy Gobert, Wujitsana. The 2x DPOY has been a significant factor in the Utah Jazz’s success in recent seasons.