What's up, community -

With the exponential growth of NBA Top Shot user base over the last couple weeks, our customer support team is experiencing a high volume of requests. Please be patient as we attend to each ticket in the order it was received. Anticipate a response time of ~7-10+ business days, though note that turnaround time can be longer depending on the nature of each request. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we strive to continue to make this the best possible experience for the NBA Top Shot community.

We've been getting a lot of the same questions over here so we wanted to write up some FAQs and provide some context for y'all. Take a read and if your question isn't addressed, please don't hesitate to ask us.

1. Identity Check

Similar to other online payment services, you may eventually be asked for further identification in the form of an identity check to verify your Dapper account. For example, prior to making a withdrawal from your Dapper balance, you will have to complete an identity check. This layer of security is used to help prevent fraud and to protect the community. Protecting your collection is a top priority for us.To complete the identity check, valid government-issued identification is required, although which type of ID you use will depend on your region. For example, if you are in North America, you will be asked to use a government-issued ID like your driver’s license, while other regions will require a passport.

2. Withdrawals

Dapper account holders will be able to withdraw from their Dapper Balance, both in the form of wire transfers to a US bank and cryptocurrency deposits to digital wallets, after undergoing a review.

Conditions for withdrawing funds from your Dapper Balance include:

  • Withdrawing a minimum of USD $30 per withdrawal request
  • Withdrawal requests will be charged an associated fee
  • When you submit your first withdrawal request, you will be asked to complete an identity check. For more information on this process, click here

Please note: to read more about withdrawals, click here.

3. Lag time in the Marketplace

This is an inconsistent issue that our dev team is working tirelessly to fix. The same goes for listing and delisting Moments. We expect to resolve shortly, but that doesn’t mean something else won’t break so keep reporting these issues to our customer support using this form. Your detail helps us fix.

4. Moments and packs aren't showing up

There is some slow down with fulfillment, but these should eventually show up after a few hours. Please note there is a delay in transactions as our website is experiencing a high volume of traffic. If your packs or Moments are still not appearing in your collection, I recommend logging out and logging back in, as well as clearing your cache. If that does not work after a couple hours, please fill out this form and our team will look into the issue more closely.

5. When do pack drops happen?

We announce limited edition pack drops at least 8 hours in advance to the community. If you are signed up for an account at NBA Top Shot, you will receive this email. Keep in mind, Common Base set packs ARE NOT pack drops and will be released on the site at a moment's notice. Be prepared and plan accordingly!

6. What is a complete open order? Why am I stuck on processing when placing an order?

Processing an order does not guarantee a transaction or your reservation for a pack purchase. DO NOT hit refresh on your web browser during this time. ONLY refresh your browser if you do not have an order currently processing. If you have an order processing & you refresh, your order will get stuck.

Some collectors are experiencing failed orders grabbing packs. Those will be trickled back into circulation at some point today. If you receive a "Please complete open orders" error message, we suggest waiting 10 minutes, refreshing your pack listing page if packs are still available, and trying again. There are some known instances in which "Please complete open orders" occurs for collectors who haven't refreshed. We are looking into this.

7. Payment issues

If a credit card is failing, please note only Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards are working. If the payment is failing, please check with your bank to see if the payments are being blocked. More details here.

On that note, any payments with a failed notice will have those charges reversed. Any payments with a successful notice should get through eventually. Cancelled payments could be caused from blocks from your banks, so it is always best to reach out to them in these cases to unblock charges from Circle Payments.
Any double charges for payments (either failed or successful) will be reversed by your bank. Those are typically ‘pending authorizations’ that fall off after a few business days (depending on your bank). Any failed purchases with Dapper credits will also be reversed.

8. I cannot log into my account and/or I seem to have two different accounts

If you already have an existing account and go through the Google sign up with a different email, it will create a brand new separate account. If you already have an existing Dapper account and you prefer to use the Google login going forward, you will need to first link your accounts. Note: It is only possible to link your accounts at the time of sign up! More details here.