It takes a community like ours to change the world. 

And in 2021, we did just that. Together. 

From 600,000 NBA fans with a Moment in their accounts to tens of thousands of unique fans who’ve joined in on one of our brand new Flash Challenges in the last month alone, Top Shot is enhancing the way fans experience NBA action on a nightly basis, while the NFT community as a whole is upgrading the way people around the world experience the internet.  

This has been an unprecedented year, and you all have made NBA Top Shot what it is today. For your early conviction and passion in our mission, we will be gifting 5% of your all-time net spend on the Marketplace back to you directly in the form of Dapper credit. 

This one-time gift back to the community is a holiday thank you for joining us incredibly early in our journey.

We are as excited as ever about what's ahead and look forward to building alongside you toward the future of fandom. 

For a deeper look under the hood on what we’re thinking about and where our team is heading in 2022, please read here

And, in the meantime, happy holidays from the entire NBA Top Shot team.

Please note: 

  1. Gift back will apply to all collectors with any positive net spend in the Marketplace.* 
  2. Gift back will be paid out in increments of $5, rounded up. For example, someone with $5,000 of net marketplace spend will receive $250 of gift back and someone with $5,001 will receive $255. Someone with $5,100 of net marketplace spend would also receive $255.  
  3. The snapshot to determine our gift back totals was taken in mid December.
  4. Some collectors may receive more than 5% back due to us rounding up. Someone who spent $1 will get back $5 which is 500%.  At $101 they'd get just shy of 10% back ($10)

*Net Marketplace Spend is the amount of all Marketplace purchases minus the amount of all Marketplace sales (after 5% Marketplace fee).