What’s up Top Shot squad!

Welcome to another edition of the NBA Top Shot Community Roundup. This is a one-stop shop for all things NBA Top Shot, and we’ll be keeping you updated with the most interesting thoughts and ideas we've come across from our community this week. We’ll also share some awesome Moment acquisitions that we've seen flash across the Top Shot ticker.

If you have an idea or suggestion, please don't hesitate to share it with us on Discord or Twitter. Just this past weekend, we implemented a new feature that allows you to view recent Marketplace sales. This feature was initially proposed by members of the community and implemented by our product team in a matter of weeks. Keep the great suggestions coming as we work to make Top Shot even better for everyone involved.


  • Lit suggested that Legendary Moments need to be more unique and used our “From the Top” set as an example. The unique plays that don’t exist in other sets were coveted. We’ve gotten some great feedback on making legendary Moments more unique and we’ll continue thinking of ways to approach this.

  • StayMe70 would like the ability to rearrange the Moments in a collection. While you can currently do this with Showcase Reels, perhaps this is something we can look into for collections at a later date.

  • TexasBearCat had issues logging out when new packs dropped last week. He also experienced issues making purchases on the Marketplace. If you have also experienced similar issues, please send us an email or let Andres know over on Discord.

  • natdaddy addressed concerns with delayed responses with new pack drop purchases on mobile versus desktop. They had issues with lag on mobile in comparison to the desktop client.

  • Wades.ETH noted that the section for “Newest moment” is not displaying accurately. They asked if the system can be coded to show a Moment being truly new as opposed to a Moment in your collection that’s simply been recently updated. This is a bug and we’re prioritizing a fix for it.

  • Brisk asked if the Marketplace could have a private sale option where you’d select and share that link to the other person, ultimately showing up once sold. BitcoinLouie provided an example from OpenSea which offers a similar feature. We will look into this as an idea for the product down the road. 
  • Wades.ETH suggested a 'My Vault' function where you’d be able to lock your Moments away. They thought this would help them avoid listing Moments they only have one of.

  • CryptoJay requested a feature for an automatic gifting escrow system, where both collectors would nominate their Moments to be traded to one another. After both sides agree upon the trade, they’d be placed in escrow, ultimately being released to both parties.

  • KittyCat007 was frustrated that they were only able to obtain one Challenge reward for a completed set, despite having completed three. They believe there should be a warning or indicator of some kind that establishes the reward system more clearly.


Should I leave packs unopened or not?

That’s up to you and whether you feel like checking out all your cool Moments now or saving for them later. Collectors have speculated on #marketplace-chat that from their experience, unopened packs tend to increase in value over time. Soon enough, we’ll allow creators to sell unopened packs in the Marketplace, so it might pay off to keep them unopened. 

What are the benefits of referring others to Top Shot?

Besides bringing your friends aboard to enjoy the Top Shot experience and collect alongside you, you get Baller Status points! Successfully referring 5 friends through your referral link gets you +5 points and brings you one step closer on your team leaderboard. It’s also worth noting that as more collectors join NBA Top Shot, the demand for Moments increases while the supply stays fixed. 

Who can I talk to for Dapper Wallet support?

You can reach out to our friendly Wallet Support champion, @Andres | Dapper Support#2049. He hangs out in the #dapper-support and #help channels on Discord. You can also reach out to support@meetdapper.com to submit a request.


  • Pranked scores an absolute monster Moment with a Rookie Debut #1 serial & jersey match Zion Williamson Challenge award for 26.65 Ethereum (approximately $9,800 at the time of purchase.) The first ever Zion Rookie Debut Moment is now sitting comfortably in Pranked’s treasure chest with other epic Moments.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more insights from the community coming soon.