What’s up Top Shot squad!

Welcome to another edition of the NBA Top Shot Community Roundup. This is a one-stop blog for all things NBA Top Shot, and where we’ll be keeping you updated with the best ideas we've seen from our community every week. We’ll also share some awesome Moment acquisitions that we've seen flash across the Top Shot ticker.

If you have an idea or suggestion, please don't hesitate to share it with us on Discord or Twitter. Last week, we listened to quite a bit of feedback about issues we’d been having with network issues and pack drops. We’ve addressed these concerns in our live Office Hours on Discord and will be posting a forthcoming blog to lay out our responses. Keep the great feedback coming as we work to make Top Shot even better for everyone involved.


  • Orange 777 would like to be able to see their Dapper balance from the Top Shot website. For example, you’d be able to click on your profile icon on the top right of the website to be able to see your balance on a drop-down menu. Good news: when we update our navigation tools in the coming months, we’ll make this feature more accessible.

  • cooked_mandrill suggested being able to rearrange the five slots for Showcases via drag and drop instead of having to delete each Moment and re-select them. This is a great suggestion. When we re-focus our efforts on Showcases, we’ll add filters first. We’ll then explore moving the Showcase creation to your profile rather than a separate tab. Eventually, you’ll be able to explore a drag and drop feature in the future.

  • Kemba stated that when you list a Moment for sale or remove it from sale, it removes that Moment from any Showcases. They’d like for the Moment to remain in the showcase unless it’s sold or manually deleted from your Showcase. As stated with our Showcase features in the works above, we’ll need to work on implementing other improvements first before moving onto this one.

  • Barthazian suggested spreading pack drops multiple times throughout the day. They’d like to see the same packs being split into 4 waves split at 6 hour intervals over a day for convenience in catering to a global crowd. We fear this would actually make it easier for bots with these intervals rather than the system we currently have. We will continue to check out alternatives in order to see what makes sense for our collectors.

  • Ortier proposed a Captcha when purchasing packs so bots wouldn’t work in buying the supply. They also felt having multiple tabs open when purchasing packs shouldn't be allowed. We theorize Captcha might actually make the user experience more difficult and doesn’t fully prevent botting. We want to reward collectors for purchasing packs and make the experience seamless, and will continue to explore alternative options.

  • Veerman wanted a feature where listing a Moment at a price 50% below market value would trigger a warning to confirm your decision. We will look into a double confirm option. In the meantime, collectors can view current prices when placing a Moment for sale as shown below in “View Current Listings.”

  • Brisk and Napolean both requested filters for different waves, releases, and drops of sets (i.e. Holo 1, Holo 2, MGLE 1, MGLE 2). We’re continuing building our Marketplace features and believe this would be an excellent addition.

  • Steady wants the option to gift pack contents. The idea was inspired out of convenience when hosting live breaks, in order to avoid having to gift each Moment individually to participants. We will need to continue to expand the unopened packs functionality before moving forward with this feature, but great suggestion!


What’s taking cash-outs so long? What is there to risk if you were to allow withdrawals to crypto wallets, since public addresses are not sensitive information?

One part of the cash-out feature is built (converting balance to USDC) and currently in testing. The delay comes from the security and anti-fraud tests that we need to perfect given the stakes. We're slowly rolling this out to early testers and it will be widely available soon after if everything tests well. We're also in initial QA testing with direct bank transfers, too.

It's pretty layered but it has a lot to do with Top Shot being on a new blockchain (Flow), regulations with mixing credit card and crypto payment rails, and working with an IP as big as the NBA. All in all though, the team is gunning to get this feature out as soon as possible.

What’s up with the congestion issues on Top Shot when packs drop?

The demand for these Top Shot packs is increasing steadily. Traffic spikes cause issues due to the sheer volume of collectors looking to purchase packs for themselves. Although it may not feel like these server/congestion issues are being addressed, rest assured that we are working on these problems.

Where can I find info on pack drops?

You can find them in a number of locations; emails, blog posts, the  #announcements channel on discord, and pack listings pages.


sircharles continues building his collection of gems with this sweet Kawhi Leonard jersey match/serial number Holo legendary Moment for $3,500. The Clippers superstar averaged a whopping 28.2 PPG/2.3 Steals/5.5 AST/9.3 REB in the playoffs this past season.

Lew made a fantastic pickup with this #3/50 legendary Holo Luka Dončić Moment for $2,700. In his sophomore season and first playoff run, Luka averaged a colossal 31 PPG/8.7 AST/9.8 REB/1.2 Steals per game. 

LeBron James legendary Finals Moments have been flying off the shelves. Congrats to Wujitsana for picking up their very own #4/79 serial for $2,400

Speaking of LeBron James, nice grab on his legendary From The Top Moment Dunk Moment for $1,799, cosmo! LeBron and the Lakers are not finished as they look to defend against the competition looking for revenge and claim back-to-back championships.

Libruary scooped up rookie star Zion Williamson’s Holo legendary Moment for $1,200. Congrats on the pickup!

The Joker made waves this season as he went deep into the playoffs and averaged 24.4 PPG/1.1 Steals/9.8 REB/5.7 AST, and a whopping 43% 3 PT shooting clip. Congrats to greekfreak for picking up the superstar big man’s legendary Cosmic Moment for $1,111.

Jayson Tatum has been trending upwards on Top Shot and for good reason. The rising superstar showed up in a huge way in the playoffs and almost led his team to the NBA Finals. Nice job grabbing his Holo legendary Moment for $1,100, MatthewWoodsi!

Kyloren snagged a legendary Holo Steph Curry Moment for $1,000. The megastar looks to have his Warriors bounce back in a big way as his teammates recover from injury and attempt to claim the throne once again.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more updates from the community coming soon.