What’s up Top Shot squad!

Welcome to another edition of the NBA Top Shot Community Roundup. With NBA Top Shot now open to the public, we’ve seen a surge in excited new collectors joining and sharing their feedback. In this series, we’ll be keeping you updated with the most interesting thoughts and ideas we've come across, along with some awesome Moment acquisitions that we've seen flash across the Top Shot newswire. If you have an idea for us,  please don't hesitate to share on Discord or Twitter. Just this week, we launched a feature -- the ability to “View Listings” to better gauge the market for your Moments --which was originally suggested by our community members. We're listening, so keep the ideas coming.

Ideas💡 & Feedback 💭

  • PTallday would like to see filters on the Marketplace for different rarities; Legendary, Rare, Common. This is a feature we’ve been working on and plan to bring to the Marketplace soon, thank you for the idea!
  • Dodampe wishes it were easier to identify Challenge rewards in both the Marketplace and in your collection. They say it’s somewhat hard to identify currently, and we understand why collectors would want those Moments to stand out more. We will take this into account. 
  • Bibdieufr suggests having a “Series 1” tag on our 2019/2020 Minted Moments. He also thinks  “Founder and Genesis” tags would help collectors identify that these Moments came from the first season of NBA Top Shot. We’ll explore this possibility in the future.

  • Orange 777 offers a few ideas to improve the UX on your collection and in the Marketplace. They’d like to see less clutter in your collection by grouping your same-edition Moments together. Another request is the option to see the entire dynamic value of your account based on the lowest current asking price of each collectible Moment on the Marketplace that you own. Lastly, they suggest making it easier to find what every listing is going for relative to the collectible Moments in your collection by being able to hover over a Moment and seeing data such as recent sales. These are fantastic ideas, and we’ll see which ones we can implement.
  • MrClone would like a label indicating that cash outs aren’t yet available when setting up your Dapper Wallet in order to keep new users from getting confused. We definitely want to ensure everyone is able to cash out as fast as we can safely ship out this feature, first via USDC, and then later via direct bank transfer. There are currently security and anti-fraud measures we must work through to perfect and launch the cash-out feature responsibly.

  • Steve suggested a feature to place in a Moment’s page where you’d be able to see which pack it came from along with a timestamp of obtaining it.
  • Cryptofitch advises adding functional benefits to Baller Status such as unique access to packs, air-dropped Moments, and more to incentivize our collectors to achieve higher ranks. Currently there are no added benefits like these in the pipeline but these are ideas we’ll look into and see what we can do.

This Week’s FAQs from the Community:

 Is there a blockchain explorer where I can view my NBA Top Shot transactions?

This is something that members of our community are working on. For now you can view your sales in your activity tab at https://www.nbatopshot.com/activity .

I’m noticing a lot of issues with my Baller Status points not reflecting the objectives I’ve completed, why is that?

We are working on Baller Status and hope to solve these problems soon. There's a bigger patch update coming for Baller Status, so points may take a bit longer to sync up than usual.

My KYC failed, can you help?

If you’re having issues with verifying your identity on your Dapper account, please email support@meetdapper.com and/or reference this helpful article for assistance.


You can also reach out directly to our friendly wallet support champion on Discord: @Andres | Dapper Support#2049. He will be happy to assist you.

My payments are failing, can you tell me why?

There are some known issues with certain cards but if you reach out to your bank, they should be able to sort this out for you. For reference, our payment gateway charges a $0 authorization fee to verify the card and it's this charge that can be blocked by banks.


Last but not least: Deals, Deals, Deals...

  • Mav’s superstar Luka Doncic’s First Round Moment has been scorching the Marketplace and we can see why collectors are scouring to scoop them up. This jersey match game winner was picked up by ticketsftw248 for $1,995. Congrats on your new prized treasure.

  • What else can we say about Cosmic LeBron? Standing tall as the most coveted Moment in all of NBA Top Shot, collectors have been in a frenzy to grab these. After all, there will only be 49 of them ever in circulation. Trilldebeest scored this one for $4,250, congrats on adding The King to your amazing collection!

  • You’re going to see trilldebeest’s name here a bit as they’ve been scooping up some of the most popular Legendary Moments on the Top Shot Marketplace. We see the love for Luka! The Mav’s superstar Cosmic Moment was grabbed for $2,250.

  • It’s again rookie star and sensation Zion Williamson’s time to shine as  rapid_goji_berry2079 picked up the rookie stud for $2,799. Great snag!

  • Iggy Iggy Iggy can’t you see, sometimes your plays just hypnotize me. DatBoiTommy scooped up the 3x NBA Champ and 2015 NBA Finals MVP! Nice job on grabbing that #1 serial MGLE for $800.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more insights from the community coming soon.