And Then There Were Four

Want a chance at a rare pack? You’re in luck. And Then There Were Four rare packs are dropping on Wednesday, a unique opportunity to grab one of the most epic Moments from the Conference Finals.



  1. Purchase your Starter Pack
  2. Complete your Team Quest by collecting & owning three Moments from your favorite team.
  3. Boom. This gives you over 100 collector score points, making you eligible. 


All collectors with a Collector Score of 100+ will be eligible to enter the General Queue at 2 PM PDT on Wednesday, July 14. 

And be ready for a show: there are 350k+ collectors who’ll have access to this queue, and 2,000 packs available at 2 PM PDT.

Want to boost your chances at landing one of these rare packs? 

We have two priority queues for collectors with higher Collector Scores earlier in the day.

If you work your way to a Collector Score of 5,000, you’ll have access to the Priority 2 Queue at 12 PM PDT, which’ll have 2,000 additional packs available. Right now, there are 25K+ collectors eligible, so this queue will give collectors better odds. And there’s still time for you to become eligible! 

If you work your way to a Collector Score of 10,000, you’ll have access to the Priority 1 Queue at 10 AM PDT, which will have yet another 2,000 additional packs available. Right now, there are 6K+ collectors eligible, so this queue will have the best odds for snagging this pack. 


Want more details about this drop? Read the full breakdown here.


  • Pack Costs: $79
  • Packs Per Collector: 1
  • Total Packs: 2,000 available for sale in each Queue*

*An additional 1,500 packs will be reserved for customer service, promotional purposes, and community giveaways.


  • Chris Paul -- king of the midrange -- toying with the defense with a flashy behind-the-back and turnaround fadeaway combination. 
  • Trae Young shimmying confidently before drilling a trey in Game 1 en route to 48 points. 
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo beating his defender off the dribble and finishing acrobatically at the rim. 


Collectors will be able to qualify for different Drop Levels. There will be three relevant Drop Bonuses for this drop.

  1. The first bonus will guarantee access to every queue (unless the collector receives a pack in an earlier queue) to collectors with all 30 Cool Cats Moments in their collection.
  2. The second bonus will provide collectors with a 50-point Collector Score bonus for owning three Moments from the collectors’ favorite team.
  3. The third bonus will give collectors two Collector Score points per dollar spent in the Marketplace on Moments the collector still owns. (Maximum 7,500-point Marketplace Bonus).