A new style of NBA Top Shot Challenge is making its highly anticipated debut today. 

Crafting Challenges have arrived, incentivizing collectors to permanently remove Moments from your collection and circulation — forever — in exchange for special new rewards. 

The first NBA Crafting Challenge will give collectors the ability to earn Ja Morant’s new Throwdowns dunk, one of the best highlights of the NBA’s regular season from Morant’s career and franchise-best 52-point scoring performance against the Spurs on Feb 28, 2022. 

To get your hands on this new Moment, you will need to submit the 10 Moments that make up the Crafting Challenge recipe, which are then burned to unlock your reward Moment.    

These Moments are gone forever if you decide to participate in the challenge, reducing the total supply of each Moment you use to craft this historic Ja Morant Crafting Challenge Reward. 

Upon submitting your complete challenge entry, the Moments disappear and are burned on the spot.

Once the challenge concludes at the end of the challenge timer, the new Ja Morant Moments are crafted and minted to demand, meeting the number of successful challenge completions.

In order to successfully complete a Crafting Challenge, you will need to ensure pop-ups are enabled in your browser. If you have pop-ups blocked or disabled, you may encounter technical challenges with the Challenge.

Ja Morant Crafting Challenge Reward

Challenges 101: The Crafting Difference 

In traditional Challenges, collectors earn rewards by using specific Moments, and then those Moments and the reward would be found in your account. 

In Crafting Challenges, the specific Moments required to earn a reward are used to “Craft” the reward, and are permanently destroyed in the process, reducing the supply of each Moment forever. 

Crafting Challenges: What’s Next

Empowering our community with control over the supply of a given Moment after it’s in circulation is a capability we’ve long dreamed of bringing to life.

Today, that dream is a reality, and it unlocks a whole new world of possibilities that we can’t wait to move aggressively toward. 

Sending Moments to the Locker Room in exchange for Trade Tickets is still a core part of NBA Top Shot, and we’re actively continuing to expand upon utility for Trade Tickets — but make no mistake about it — burning Moments to earn Crafting Rewards is not the same as sending a Moment to the Locker Room.

When you burn a Moment in a Crafting Challenge, you permanently lower the available count of that specific Moment and erase it forever, and ultimately, earn a reward. 

Burned Moments cannot be “unburned” and are gone forever in the most definitive way possible on the blockchain. 

This summer, we will be giving collectors a variety of opportunities to put this new feature to work, allowing collectors to burn to earn in different ways that fit different collecting styles. 

For starters, you can expect to see one Crafting Challenge for every NBA team rolled out in the coming weeks, with rewards living in Series 4’s Squad Goals Rare set. 

Each of these team-specific Crafting Challenges will require multiple Moments from a specific team’s NBA Top Shot collection in exchange for a special, hand-picked Moment for each team that’s been saved for this occasion. 

We’ll also be rolling out Crafting Challenges for WNBA Series 4 sets and Moments. 

Are you ready for an extra hot summer? Try the first Crafting Challenge now.

Crafting Challenges NBA Top Shot