What’s up, Top Shot squad -

Another edition of Dev Diary is here! 

Over the last two weeks, our developer and engineering teams have added a number of new features across the site to improve the collector experience.

To keep the community in the loop, we wanted to fill you in on the most impactful features.

Without further ado...


As we continue to update measures around gifting to combat bots and maintain a level playing field for collectors in the ecosystem, we are also rolling out new features to indicate gifting eligibility requirements in the interface.

Per the screenshot below, collectors will be able to easily track whether they are able to gift Moments based on a status bar tracker.

Furthermore, if a collector does not yet meet the requirements to gift Moments, that will be indicated as such and can check on their status with this gifting button if either of the requirements are incomplete. 

There is also a gifting button cooldown timer visible to collectors if a Moment has not yet been owned for the indicated seven (7) days in order to use the gifting feature.


In order to reward active collectors within the NBA Top Shot community, we have rolled out eligibility requirements for those looking to participate in rare and legendary pack drops.

This will continue to be reinforced to prevent rent seekers from spoiling the NBA Top Shot experience for our most passionate collectors. We will, however, be tinkering with the specific requirements from drop to drop to prevent predictable eligibility requirements. 


We are now able to support two different pack releases from the same queue.

The first implementation of this feature occurred during the Holo Icon Legendary pack drop on Monday, April 12, when we added a release of 80k+ Base Set packs to follow the Holo Icon drop. We’ve since added Rebound Packs to our Premium Pack drop queue.

We will continue to provide Rebound Pack opportunities for   limited edition pack drops in the future as a measure to ensure our most active collectors leave highly-anticipated drops with consolation prizes, at the very least.  


To keep the community informed about the timing for upcoming pack drops, we’ve added a time stamp on the packs page and packs listing page for clearer visibility..


In order to give a more accurate picture of when challenges expire, we implemented an improved timer to sync with our server.

This timer should help alleviate any confusion for collectors looking to complete the requirements before the timer hits zero.

As a reminder, our team reviews to check for any potential collectors who completed the challenge in the seconds before time expired. If you check the “Completed Challenges” tab in your profile, you will see whether the challenge is completed. Please note, we strongly encourage you to complete challenges with ample time on the clock. Delaying your Challenge pursuit to the last day may lead to unanticipated product issues that could prevent you from completing the challenge in time.


As a reminder, our Certified Ballers Showcase Contest runs until Tuesday, May 4 at 12pm PDT.

To easily find which Moments meet the requirement as a “Certified Baller,” our team has created a Certified Ballers picks page on NBA Top Shot. These are NBA players that are verified on NBA Top Shot. 

Furthermore, there is now a link that can be found under the “Marketplace” navigation.


The Showcase Spotlight banner at the top of the home page is back!

Currently, it displays newly liked Showcases for collectors to discover.


Baller Status was designed for collectors to show off their achievements within NBA Top Shot. Part of the collector’s journey is being able to build a deeper relationship with the Moments they own.

Our team has been working to upgrade Baller Status in order to accommodate the growth of the community. At the same time, our team restructured how Baller Status points are counted in order to track more efficiently and accurately long term. These changes have been fixed and collectors should have the most up-to-date progress tracker for completed achievements.

As for future features, we anticipate building a tool that’ll more dynamically track a collector’s engagement and up-to-date collection. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out on Discord or on Twitter

If you have any feedback or suggestions, submit your ideas to our Community forum.

Until next time, happy collecting!