It’s been 10 days since our CEO, Roham Gharegozlou, fielded questions from the community. While we are extremely excited about all that’s to come in 2022, we also understand that our actions will speak louder than our words over the coming weeks.  

In these last 10 days, the NBA Top Shot team has been hard at work delivering on some product upgrades, ideating on some long-term collector reward concepts and scaling our Showcase Challenge processes exponentially. 

Are we fully ramped up yet? Not quite. 

Are we making progress by the day? Absolutely. 

In this week alone, we will launch five Showcase Challenges, hold two pack drops (one exclusively using Trade Tickets) and better integrate Collector Score into the collector experience on the platform. We are confident that these upgrades -- along with many others listed below -- will enhance the collector experience for years to come. Here’s a rundown of all of the latest to hit the NBA Top Shot platform. 

Collection Sorting

You can now keep your collection in order with new alphabetical sorting, available on your Collection page. This is just the start - expect more ways to sort and organize your Moments coming soon.

Burn Notice

NBA Top Shot made good on a year-long commitment to burn 4,051 Series 1 Rare Western Conference Finals Moments and 6,511 Series 1 Rare Eastern Conference Finals Moments from Series 1. These Moments are permanently destroyed and irrecoverable.

Set Completion Badges

Collectors will now be able to see a badge on their profile when they complete a set on NBA Top Shot. 

Time Since Set Completed

We want to reward holders. With this new display, collectors can show off when they completed their set.

[Editor's Note: We have disabled this feature temporarily while we investigate and fix a bug with the dates displayed.]

New Warnings for Showcase Challenges

Collectors will now receive a warning whenever they list, gift or trade-in a Moment that’s a part of an active Showcase Challenge. This will help ensure that collectors are fully up to date with all existing Showcase Challenges (there will be many more to come!)

New “Purchase A Moment” flow

The purchasing window has been replaced by a full page, which displays the baseline of Collector Score points that the Moment being purchased is worth. We will be upgrading this page in the future to fully reflect Collector Score point values for Moments that’ll come with bonuses based on what’s in your specific collection.  

Revamped “Packs” Tab

You can now view all of our previous packs from the “View All Packs” button on the Packs tab. This will allow our most passionate collectors to explore packs of yesteryear and all of the Moments that those packs contained. 

Fan Favorite

When a new collector enters the Marketplace for the first time, an epic Moment from their favorite team will be recommended to them. 

Showcase Challenges on Showcase Challenges

Showcase Challenges are here to stay -- in the last 10 days, we’ve launched 11 Showcase Challenges. The learnings have been tremendous as we scale to a quantity of challenges that seemed impossible just mere weeks ago. 

Collectors can safely expect multiple Flash Challenges per week that’ll be tied to real-life action around the NBA. Stay tuned for our next Flash Challenge going live on Wednesday, December 1. 

While running Showcase Challenges is currently a fairly manual process on our end, we're actively looking into ways of automating many steps to help reduce the possibility of issues We are also actively exploring sustainable prize structures to allow us to run these long term, in spite of a finite supply of packs.  

Improved Promo Section of the Home Page 

The home page is one of our most important pieces of real estate, and we’re actively looking into countless opportunities to deliver information and value upfront to our collectors on this page long-term. In the meantime, we’ve made a series of optimizations to better show of NBA Top Shot to a new collector who comes to the site without an account. 

Copy Experiments

One year ago, we tested ads that showed us -- unanimously -- that potential collectors were scared off by the use of the word NFT in our ads.  

In recent weeks, we’ve been experimenting and are encouraged to see that NFT-oriented messaging resonates well. The world has changed a lot in the last 12 months. 

New Collector Journey

After a new collector buys their Starter Pack and first Moments, we take them to the Collector Score page and guide them through the new collector journey with more hand-holding.

Add to Calendar

Now you can add upcoming pack drop times to your private calendar (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, ICS) from the pack details page. This will help collectors integrate Top Shot pack drops into their week-to-week more effectively.