What’s up Top Shot squad,

It’s been an eventful week for the team as we’re actively working to drop new and useful features for collectors to enjoy on NBA Top Shot. 

We are gearing up for our biggest drop to date since opening the beta, and can’t wait to introduce rare and legendary NBA Finals Moments into the Top Shot ecosystem for you all to collect.

In order for us to introduce these Moments responsibly, we realized our system needed fine-tuning with regards to drops and the Marketplace. Rest assured, we will not drop a pack unless we can ensure the smoothest and best collector’s experience possible, and as a result we had to delay this drop. We appreciate your patience and look forward to updating you soon.

As our community transparency initiatives grow, we’re introducing a new segment to the Developer Diary going forward that will highlight key metrics that highlight the week on NBA Top Shot. Dying to know a stat? Let us know over on Discord and we’ll see if we can include it in an upcoming entry.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it...  

By the Numbers: 

Since opening the beta on October 1st, we’ve also seen ~8,600 total Moments sold peer-to-peer in the Marketplace:

This chart is segmented by the month a collector joined NBA Top Shot. As you can see, new collectors have been similarly active on NBA Top Shot’s Marketplace in October to collectors who joined NBA Top Shot over the summer  These ~8,600 Moments have sold for a combined sum of ~330K USD over the last two weeks.

Our most recent rare pack drop, the Premium Pack Wave 5, sold out in less than three minutes. Some community members feared that bots were clearing out the supply before collectors had a chance to purchase. We recognize the frustration of not being able to purchase a pack, but the concern is unfounded. Simply put: these packs are selling out extremely quickly because our community of passionate collectors covets them highly. It should be expected that you can’t always get a rare or legendary pack, even if you set your alarm. 

As we see from the data, 305 unique collectors bought the 1491 available packs. Of those purchasers, nearly 75% joined NBA Top Shot in September and October. There is no evidence to suggest bots have influenced sell-out time. 

That’s it for this week’s By the Numbers. We’ll have more metrics to keep you updated in next week’s Developer Diary. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the most recent product updates: 

Marketplace Sales

Have you been curious to know which Moments have been selling recently? Well, as soon as the Marketplace is back up and running, you’ll be able to track the latest transactions in the Marketplace from within nbatopshot.com itself. This is just a first step toward making transaction trends fully visible for our collectors. 

If you want a more extensive transaction history, we strongly recommend checking out CryptoSlam.io for a log of every transaction made on NBA Top Shot. 

Bugs, bugs, bugs 🐛

As you probably noticed, we’ve been working through some technical issues on NBA Top Shot this week. It’s currently undergoing an unscheduled maintenance. We are minting what many collectors consider to be our biggest drop to date, and that’s forced us to address some system issues with the Marketplace and drops before we can do so confidently. The Flow team has also been addressing some improvements on their end.

We have turned on maintenance mode in the interim as a necessary measure to make sure we roll out our next drop as smoothly as possible. We anticipate record-setting demand, and again appreciate your patience as we work through these kinks. Remember, we’re still in beta for a reason.  

Set Upgrades 

We have updated our Sets page to now prioritize the Moments you own in your collection. Now the Moments of a set will be ordered such that the Moments that you own the most editions of will come first.

Collectors in the community have already taken notice and approve of the update: 

Navigation Renovation: 

We continue to optimize the homepage layout so new visitors can learn more about NBA Top Shot, and for signed-in collectors to get the latest and most relevant information. This week, we moved the Teams section of the site to the bottom of the home page for logged-in collectors. We also added a button to invite collectors to join our Discord. If you’re not there already, what are you waiting for?!? 

That covers this week’s updates. Want more? Head over to our Discord to catch the latest news, negotiate trades and deals with other collectors, and connect with the Top Shot team directly.