Happy Halloween, Top Shot squad!

We’re back with a double dose of Developer Diary updates. It’s been two weeks since our last one of these, so we’re looking forward to sharing a bunch of new and useful features for collectors to enjoy on NBA Top Shot. 

As our community transparency initiatives grow, we will continue to highlight key metrics of the week on NBA Top Shot. Dying to know a stat? Let us know over on Discord and we’ll see if we can include it in an upcoming entry.

Let’s jump into it...  


This past Wednesday, NBA Top Shot broke a new record for total Marketplace sales. Nearly $80K USD worth of transactions happened in a single day, eclipsing a record that was set just 10 days earlier. 

We’re also proud to announce that we’ve seen more than 20K Marketplace purchases happen on NBA Top Shot in the month of October

The color wheel indicates which month the purchaser registered for NBA Top Shot. As you can see, there’s a healthy balance of veteran collectors who joined during our closed beta and newcomers. 

That’s all for this week’s By the Numbers. We’ll have more metrics to keep you updated in next week’s Developer Diary. 

Without further ado, let’s discuss the most recent product updates: 


In our last Developer Diary, we shared that we built a new feature that allows Collectors to see the most recent transactions on the Marketplace. Good news: we’ve expanded that feature. Now, you can browse through hundreds of pages of transactions to see every single deal that’s been made on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace. There’s even an Easter Egg deep in the transaction log (if you have the patience to search for it, that is). Simply browse nbatopshot.com/transactions for a comprehensive look at the NBA Top Shot transaction ledger: 

But wait! There’s more. Now when you go to the Marketplace, you can see the latest transactions as “Hot Purchases” and can watch some of the most popular Showcases of the week. 

Still want more? Good. We’re not done here. We’ve also added a feature in the Marketplace that allows you to filter for the exact tier you’re looking for. Finding Legendary Moments has never been so easy! 

Home Page Revamp 

The Marketplace isn’t the only place on the site we’ve improved. Unless you’ve been ignoring us, you probably noticed that we also upgraded the layout and interface of the home page. Now you can track progress on challenges, catch-up on stats about your collection, and navigate to other features (like pack drops) more easily than ever before. 

Moment to Marketplace Shortcuts  

Now, even when a Moment isn’t for sale, you can navigate from that specific Moment’s page directly to the Marketplace listing for that same Moment. 

No more laborious searches. Find out how much a Moment is being valued at quickly before listing it for sale. 

Upgraded View for Unopened Packs

Hot off the presses! Now, when you select the “Packs” tab on your profile, you can see an upgraded layout with all of your unopened packs in plain sight. Now it’s much easier to keep track of the packs in your collection. We will continue to make upgrades around your unopened packs and keep you posted when there’s more functionality.

Challenges in Order

We’ve tweaked the Challenge page around to ensure that the Challenge ending soonest is displayed first. This will make it easier for collectors to prioritize their challenge strategies. 

Set Improvements:

Now when you’re navigating on a Sets view, if you click on a Moment you own, it’ll direct you straight to your profile. If you click on a Moment you don’t yet own, it’ll direct you to that Moment in the Marketplace. 

We’ve also revamped the Sets page so it’ll show your Sets-in-progress first. 

Cleaned Up Interface:

We’ve added a “Log In” option to the home screen. Before, you had to hit “Sign Up” to log back in. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

If, for whatever reason you’re trying to buy a Moment from the Marketplace but aren’t logged in, a recent update takes you straight back to the purchase flow you were on 

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

We’ve fixed several bugs, including Top Shot layout on mobile browsers.  

That’s it for this week on the product front. But here’s an important parting note: 

Public Service Announcement

In our last pack drop, we detected some suspicious activity with bot accounts purchasing packs. While the bots accounted for an extremely small fraction of total packs purchased, it’s an issue we are taking very seriously. As a reminder, using bots or scripts to purchase items on NBA Top Shot goes against our Terms of Service. We can detect which accounts are using bots and will consider disciplinary measures should the issue persist. In the meantime, we are actively looking into anti-bot technology for upcoming pack drops. Expect to see some updates on this front in the very near future.