What’s up, Top Shot squad!

We’re back with our fourth installment of the Developer Diary. This week, we launched a helpful product update for the big-time collectors, and addressed some other important bug fixes. 

Without further ado, here’s our latest:


Let’s say you scored an awesome rare Moment in a pack and are unsure of whether you should hold onto it or to try to find another home for it in the Marketplace. It certainly would help your decision to know how much your Moment is being valued for on the open market, right? 

In the old system, you’d have to tediously leave your Collection and search the Marketplace for your Moment to view competitive listings. Now, you can do that all from the convenience of your Collection. 

Simply select the “Place For Sale” option (don’t worry, clicking this alone won’t place your item on the Marketplace).  

From this view, you can “View Current Listings,” where you’ll see a pop-up of all of the competitive listings for your Moment. 

In this case, the lowest listing will always be highlighted in green font, to help you identify it quickly. $28.00 for a rare Jayson Tatum Eastern Conference Finals Moment?? That’s a bargain! With that in mind, I’m going to hold onto my Tatum for a while. 

Edit Your Profile

Want to connect with others in the NBA Top Shot community? One easy step is to connect your other social accounts to your Top Shot account. 

You can now add your Twitter handle and your Discord name, allowing others to find you more easily outside of NBA Top Shot. 

You can also now join our Discord through a footer on the bottom of nbatopshot.com:

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs…

We fixed several important bugs that were affecting collectors’ experiences with:

  • Baller Status (part of a bigger project that we’re still working on)
  • Authentication (certain collectors were having trouble logging in)
  • Infrastructure (you may have noticed recent pack openings complemented by new music recently)

Public Service Announcement

NBA Top Shot will be down for maintenance on Tuesday, October 13th. Please plan accordingly. The Western Conference Finals challenge has been extended to 10 AM PDT, Wednesday, October 14th.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the Finals tonight, and stay tuned for more product updates coming at you next week! 

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