What’s up Top Shot squad,

We’re looking forward to sharing a bunch of new and useful features for collectors to enjoy on NBA Top Shot. 

Think we should develop something? Let us know over on Discord and we’ll see if we can add it to our roadmap.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it...  

Navigation, Revamped

If you’ve come to NBA Top Shot this week, you might’ve seen a new and improved layout. This is not a finished product, and we plan to continue to iterate and improve this layout in the coming weeks, but we’re excited about the foundation we’ve built and the direction this is taking.

We are actively listening to the feedback from the community at every turn. We are in an open beta still, which means community members will continue to influence our product decisions in a really special way. We will continue to improve the site’s navigation until it’s at a world class level.

When will this pack expire?

Some packs are only available for a certain amount of time, and expire after that. That's definitely the case for our 4th drop of Got Game, which is available until Monday, Nov 30, at 5pm. You can now clearly see when packs expire (and you'll soon be able to see upcoming packs on the Packs page as well).

Reminder: this is the last Got Game drop, so make sure you grab yours.

Site Takeovers Have Arrived

As of last week, we now have the ability to customize NBA Top Shot’s home page in coordination with community events. You might have noticed our first official Live Break event on Monday evening (screenshot below). This is just the first of many initiatives that we believe will allow the community to interact with our product in unique ways. We also customized our site for the Lace ‘Em Up drop last week, and plan to do more drop takeovers in the near future.

All Moments in an Edition

Previously, there was a bug which limited a collectors’ ability to see more than 12 Moments in an edition. Now collectors will be able to see all of the Moments in a specific edition. You can access this view by clicking on the Edition Size or Circulating Count.

Improved Marketplace UI

Marketplace filters now stick on the screen as you scroll through Moments. Additionally, these filters can now be collapsed, making it a breeze to navigate through the Marketplace with ease. 

Flow Transactions are now visible

As you’ve probably heard, NBA Top Shot is a true blockchain experience. Now, we share the Flow Transaction receipts to prove it. Powered by the Big Dipper Block Explorer from our friends at Forbole (a powerful third-party tool), you can now track every Top Shot transaction on the blockchain. 

Sorting on the Seller’s Tool

Now it’s easier than ever to see how much you should list your Moment for on NBA Top Shot. Simply sort on the Current Listings page to see how much other collectors are selling similar-edition Moments for. 

Redesigned Packs Page

We redesigned the packs page. The reason is because you will soon be able to see the history of previously dropped packs on NBA Top Shot. As soon as this page revamp is completed, it’ll be very easy to check out all previous drops and packs, including previously sold out and expired ones. 

Improved our bot prevention techniques

We have made several upgrades to our system to prevent bots from spoiling the drop experience for other collectors. We’ve revamped our bot prevention technology, and have made some tweaks to our system to make us less susceptible to bot reservations. As a result, we saw a much smoother drop with our most recent Lace ‘Em Up legendary packs. The community took notice: