Since the early days of NBA Top Shot, we have had a team of volunteer moderators to help us manage the Discord server. Their roles included answering questions from community members, helping flag any bugs or issues, and helping to safeguard the community. In the Discord, these volunteers have the "Referee" role (and red names for this role). Their help has been essential to building this community. 

We want to acknowledge the hard work and say thank you to all of the Referees, past and present, that have helped us on this journey. Their insight, passion, and commitment to improving the experience for all our collectors is reflected in the NBA Top Shot community that we see today. Over the last couple of months, the official NBA Top Shot Community Team has expanded, and we have slowly reduced the number of mods in the volunteer program, and are now ready to retire this volunteer role.

On behalf of the entire team here at NBA Top Shot - Thank you!