The NBA Top Shot(™) Discord’s mission is to be the official community for NBA Top Shot’s most enthusiastic collectors. We encourage and foster respectful dialogue related to all things NBA Top Shot.

We reserve the right to remove discussions or comments that do not fulfill the mission of the NBA Top Shot community. 


Build a reputation for inclusive, welcoming dialogue where collectors and fans of all levels can congregate around NBA Top Shot. 


  • Respect for members and collectors should extend to every interaction.
  • Interact with the community in good faith.

Interactions should not be primarily for personal benefit. Examples of personal benefit include, but are not limited to: financial gain from sales, pumping up the clout of Moments in your own collection, or requesting special privileges (including but not limited to with respect to withdrawals, identity checks, or support issues).  

We encourage meaningful discussions (including critiques of the NBA Top Shot platform), if they are made respectfully and in good faith. 


  1. Be Kind 

Every interaction in this community should be kind, respectful, and welcoming. Do not engage in hate speech, harassment, arguing in bad faith, scamming, or general pot stirring -- including trolling the community with photoshopped images around pack drops, or spreading misinformation to cause panic.

This is an inclusive space for collectors of all demographics and orientations. 

We ask that all collectors help us create a welcoming environment by reporting comments/replies that do not follow the server’s rules.

Read more about “Being Kind” here.

  1. No Trading

We are suspending trading indefinitely on this server for the safety of each collector.  For a while we permitted off-market trading to happen here. Then we saw countless stories of collectors getting scammed by fraudsters. We settled on having moderators mediate trades off-network, but then we saw the fraudsters start to impersonate moderators and rip off unsuspecting community members.  Until we find a better way to deal with these problems, it seems safest to simply prohibit such activity for now. 

We are not responsible for any off-market trading and any such transaction is not warranted by Dapper Labs.

If someone purports to be an official Referee, they are lying. Top Shot will not facilitate any trades until further notice. Please report any scammers that you encounter.

  1. Events, Giveaways, Breaks 

All events must be coordinated with the moderator team unless you have been assigned an “Event Host” badge. If you are interested in becoming an Event Host, we will have an open application in the coming months as we build out the program more comprehensively.

  1. Discipline

Those who violate our server rules will face swift discipline. If you don’t follow our community’s rules, you will be assigned a temporary “Benched” role within the Discord. 

Those who are “Benched” will be muted within the server for up to 11 days before they’re unmuted and allowed to rejoin the community. Those who are  “Benched” for a second time will be muted for up to five weeks before they’re allowed to interact with the community again.

Upon receiving a third “Benching” (or if your actions are flagrantly impermissible on first or second offence) you will be “Waived” (i.e. permanently banned) from our Discord community. Those who are banned and rejoin under a different alias will be identified and re-banned. Keep in mind that we may have other remedies that we can enforce against you, as well, as set forth in our Terms of Service.  All of these measures are necessary to ensure we all follow the community’s mission, vision, and values.

  1. Impersonation

Impersonating any Dapper staff or volunteer moderators in our Discord (from both NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties) is explicitly forbidden and calls for an immediate ban. Additionally, impersonating any other collector for personal gain is prohibited and could result in a ban from the Discord. 

  1. Channels

We have many channels within our Discord. Please be mindful of the different channels, and direct your thoughts to the proper channels. 

  1. No Self-Promotion

Please refrain from promoting your various social media channels (including IG, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube) and other Discord servers in our general channel.