Join the Competition for Conference Dominance 

Flex your greatest collection of either Eastern Conference or Western Conference teams to win not just bragging rights… 

What’s goin’ down.

We want to see your best. Either your best Eastern Conference Showcase or your best Western Conference Showcase. Put your 5 dopest tokens into a Showcase that says, “I know my sh*t,” or even just flex the rarest Moments you’ve got, but make them all East or all West. 

Then, when you are beaming with pride, share your Showcase in the #showcase-contest channel. Take a screenshot of the Showcase and also drop the link to where to find it. One per person so make it count. Bonus points in our hearts if you share why you picked the winning moments. 

Entries will close with the sales window at 9:00 AM PT on Thursday

The reward. 

We know you’d be happy to just show off the dominance of your favorite Conference, but we’re going to sweeten the deal anyway. 

The reward for participating in this Showcase contest will be a moment from a not-yet-released common set that is a fan fave of the Top Shot team: Cali vs NY. This rivalry pack is full of your favorite players from Cali and NY. What’s a little East coast, West coast rivalry among friends?

By participating, you'll get early access to a random low serial number Moment from that set.


Once the contest closes, the Top Shot team will review your Showcases to make sure you didn’t try to sneak in any funny business. We’ll then deliver your reward directly to you before the closed beta ends. 


Share a Showcase in Discord with five Moments featuring players in the same Conference and we’ll reward you with a Cali vs. NY Moment down the road!

Western Conference Sample Showcase
Eastern Conference Sample Showcase