This blog was updated on December 26, 2023, to reveal the Day 4 and Day 16 prizes and clarify specifics and rules around how Tiebreakers work for first-place prizes.

Welcome to NBA Top Shot’s new game, Fast Break!

Developed by the NBA Top Shot team, Fast Break is inspired by some of our favorite sports games and traditions.

After conducting play tests internally since the beginning of the NBA season and running two play tests with our awesome collectors, we are ready to expand the amount of collectors in our third play test to over 5,000 members of our community.

Here’s who has access to the Fast Break Holiday Play Test:  

This concept is actively in development but we couldn't wait for our collectors to get a taste of it and provide important feedback to guide the game and economy design of this new way to play on Top Shot.

We are committed to building this game in public to make sure we adapt in real-time using important real-time feedback to guide our decisions in game design and user-interface design.

The game of Fast Break is very simple. Collectors will select three to five players every night for sixteen nights. Each night has different stats and different scores that your team must beat in order to get awarded a win.

If you have the highest score on any given night, you will win the Daily Reward prize shown. Additionally, if you rack up enough wins, there are Packs you can earn at the 4, 8, and 12 win milestones.

As you get higher in wins, the Packs get better.

As you achieve each milestone, you win the Pack — so collectors who win 13 days, for example, will get all 3 Packs.

There is also strategy involved because you can only use players a limited amount of times during these sixteen nights.

  • If you own a Common/Fandom of a player, you can use that player one time during the 16 game days.
  • If you own a Rare you can use that player up to two times.
  • If you own a Legendary of a player, you can use them four times.

To be clear, if you have 10 Commons of a player, you still can only play them once. The only way you can play them more is by collecting a Moment of that player at a higher tier.

This special Holiday Play Test will be played over 16 game days from December 22 - January 7.


Each day, the collector that comes in first overall with the highest score will be awarded the daily prize.

Day 1: Victor Wembanyama Rookie Debut ('23-24)

Day 2: Rookie Debut: Headliner Pack

Day 3: Dwyane Wade Deck The Hoops (S3) 

Day 4: Anthony Edwards Holo Icon ('23-24)

Day 5: Rookie Debut: Fresh Five Pack

Day 6: Chet Holmgren Rookie Debut ('23-24)

Day 7: Rookie Debut: Last Call Pack

Day 8: Fresh Threads 24 Moment Crate Pack

Day 9: Klay Thompson For The Win ('23-24)

Day 10: Jalen Johnson Throwdowns ('23-24)

Day 11: Tyrese Haliburton Video Game Numbers ('23-24)

Day 12: Victor Wembanyama Rookie Debut ('23-24)

Day 13: Ausar Thompson Rookie Debut ('23-24)

Day 14: Jaylen Brown Throwdowns ('23-24)

Day 15: Joel Embiid Video Game Numbers ('23-24)

Day 16: Zion Williamson Holo Icon ('23-24)


  • When lineups lock, the game automatically determines your lowest serial Moment at the highest tier owned of each player.
  • Even if you add new Moments after games start, it will not change the Moments locked in for purposes of this tiebreaker.
  • If more than one collector ties for first on any given day, the game will automatically determine the winner.
  • The game will look at the highest tier owned of each player in the winning lineup. It will then determine the lowest serial number owned of the player at that tier.
  • All 5 (or 3 in the case of a 3-player day) numbers will be added together and the lowest sum will win.
  • The second tiebreaker, if needed, will be time of submission: whoever submitted their lineup first will get the nod.


Collectors can earn prizes for achieving 4 wins, 8 wins, and 12 wins during this run (Holiday Play Test) of Fast Break.

These wins do not need to happen consecutively, just over the course of the run.

So what’s at stake?

4 Wins: Fast Break Rip Pack

Rack up 4 wins to qualify for the Fast Break Rip Pack!

  • This Pack contains two Moments spanning from Series 2 to the current Series 2023-24.
  • Most Packs will contain two common Moments, but some fortunate collectors will score a Rare or Legendary Moment. The fewer who qualify, the better the odds!
  • One of each Rare and Legendary Moment listed below are guaranteed to be in this round of Fast Break Rip Packs: Brandon Ingram Holo Icon (S3), Alex Caruso For The Win ('23-24), Bam Adebayo Video Game Numbers ('23-24), Brandon Clarke Rising Stars (S2), Chimezie Metu Throwdowns (S2), De'Anthony Melton MGLE (S3), Deni Avdija MGLE (S3), Donovan Mitchell ASG (S2), Isaac Okoro Throwdowns (S2), Ja Morant Throwdowns (S2), James Wiseman Rising Stars (S2), Julius Randle ASG (S2), Jusuf Nurkic For The Win ('23-24), Kyle Kuzma MGLE (S3), Kyrie Irving ASG (S2), Mychal Mulder Rising Stars (S2), Nikola Vucevic ASG (S2), Richaun Holmes MGLE (S3), Tari Eason Throwdowns ('23-24), Terence Davis Throwdowns (S2), Xavier Tillman Throwdowns (S2).

8 Wins: Fast Break LVL UP Pack

Rack up 8 wins to qualify for the Fast Break LVL UP Pack!

  • This Pack contains 6 Moments spanning from Series 2 to the current Series 2023-24.
  • 75 collectors that secure a LVL UP Pack will score a Rare or Legendary Moment inside. The fewer who qualify, the better the odds!
  • The Rare and Legendary Moments listed below are guaranteed to be in this round of Fast Break LVL UP Packs.
  • Legendary: Anfernee Simons Holo Icon (S3), Harrison Barnes Holo Icon (S3), Lu Dort Holo Icon (S3), Jae Crowder 2021 NBA Finals (S2)
  • Rare: 2X Bradley Beal ASG (S2), 2X Brandon Clarke Throwdowns (S2), D'Angelo Russell Throwdowns ('23-24), 2X De'Aaron Fox Throdwodnws (S2), 3X De'Aaron Fox MGLE (S3), Deni Avdija MGLE (S3), 2X Deni Avdija Rising Stars (S2), 2X Domantas Sabonis ASG (S2), 2X Donovan Mitchell ASG (S2), 2X Isaiah Stewart Throwdowns (S2), 2X Isaiah Stewart MGLE (S3), 3X Ja Morant Throwdowns (S2), 3X Ja Morant MGLE (S3), James Wiseman Rising Stars (S2), 2X Jarrett Allen MGLE (S3), 2X Jaylen Brown ASG (S2), 2X Julius Randle ASG (S2), 2X Kawhi Leonard ASG (S2), Keldon Johnson For The Win ('23-24), Klay Thompson For The Win ('23-24), 2X Kyle Kuzma MGLE (S3), 2X Kyrie Irving ASG (S2), LaMelo Ball Rising Stars (S2), LeBron James Run It Back 05-06 (S21), Luka Doncic ASG (S2), Malik Monk Throwdowns ('23-24), Mikal Bridges Video Game Numbers ('23-24), 2X Mitchell Robinson Throwdowns (S2), 2X Nikola Vucevic ASG (S2), 2X Paul George ASG (S2), Richaun Holmes MGLE (S3), 2X RJ Barrett Rising Stars (S2), 2X RJ Barrett MGLE (S3), 2X Rudy Gobert ASG (S2), 2X Rui Hachimura Rising Stars (S2), 2X Steph Curry ASG (S2), 2X Terry Rozier Throwdowns (S2), Tyrese Haliburton Rising Stars (S2), 2X Zach LaVine ASG (S2), 2X Zion Williamson ASG (S2)

12 Wins: Fast Break Rare Pack

Rack up 12 wins to qualify for the Fast Break Rare Pack!

  • This Pack contains 3 Moments spanning from Series 1 to the current Series 2023-24, with one guaranteed to be a Rare, and a chance at 1 of 7 Legendary Moments.
  • If 7 or fewer collectors achieve 12 wins in this run, each will be guaranteed a Legendary Moment along with their Rare!
  • If more than 7 winners achieve 12 wins in this run, they'll have a chance at a Legendary Moment along with their Rare!
  • The Rare and Legendary Moments listed below are guaranteed to be in this round of Fast Break LVL UP Packs.
  • Legendary: Aaron Gordon Holo Icon (S3), Bam Adebayo Holo Icon (S3), Darius Garland Holo Icon (S3), Giannis Antetokounmpo 2021 NBA Finals (S2), Jaylen Brown Holo Icon (S3), Myles Turner Holo Icon (S3), Victor Oladipo Holo Icon (S2)
  • Rare: 4X De'Aaron Fox Throwdowns (S2), 5X De'Aaron Fox MGLE (S3), 3X Donovan Mitchell ASG (S2), 3X Ja Morant Rising Stars (S2), 5X Ja Morant Throwdowns (S2), 6X Ja Morant MGLE (S3), Jalen Johnson Throwdowns ('23-24), 4X James Harden ASG (S2), Jaylen Brown Throwdowns ('23-24), Joel Embiid Video Game Numbers ('23-24), Karl-Anthony Towns For The Win ('23-24), 4X Kawhi Leonard ASG (S2), 3X Kyle Kuzma MGLE (S3), 4X Kyrie Irving ASG (S2), 3X LaMelo Ball Rising Stars (S2), LeBron James Run It Back 05-06 (S21), 4X Luka Doncic ASG (S2), 5X RJ Barrett MGLE (S3), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Video Game Numbers ('23-24), 4X Steph Curry ASG (S2), Tyrese Haliburton Video Game Numbers ('23-24), 3X Tyrese Haliburton Rising Stars (S2), 3X Zion Williamson ASG (S2)

We're so excited to share Fast Break with you during the holiday season, and look forward to hearing what you think!