Developed by the NBA Top Shot team, Fast Break is inspired by some of our favorite sports games and traditions.

After conducting play tests internally since the beginning of the NBA season and running two play tests with our awesome collectors, we are expanding the amount of collectors in our third play test to over 6,000 members of our community.

To play Fast Break (or check if you have access), head to today! 

This concept is actively in development but we couldn't wait for our collectors to get a taste of it and provide important feedback to guide the game and economy design of this new way to play on Top Shot.

We are committed to building this game in public to make sure we adapt in real-time using important real-time feedback to guide our decisions in game design and user-interface design.

The game of Fast Break is very simple. Collectors will select five players every night for seventeen nights. Each night has different stats and different scores that your team must beat in order to get awarded a win.

If you have the highest score on any given night, you will win the Daily Reward shown. Additionally, if you rack up enough wins, there are Packs you can earn at the 4, 9, and 13 win milestones.

As you get higher in wins, the Packs get better.

As you achieve each milestone, you win the Pack — so collectors who win 13 days, for example, will get all 3 Packs.

There is also strategy involved because you can only use players a limited amount of times during these seventeen nights.

  • If you own a Common/Fandom of a player, you can use that player one time during the 17 game days.
  • If you own a Rare you can use that player up to two times.
  • If you own a Legendary of a player, you can use them four times.

To be clear, if you have 10 Commons of a player, you still can only play them once. The only way you can play them more is by collecting a Moment of that player at a higher tier.

The Rookie Run playtest will be played over 17 game days from January 15 - January 31.


  • Daily Rewards - First place each day will win a Rookie Debut Moment
  • "Battle Pass" Rewards - You will receive a 2 Moment pack for reaching 4 wins with a chance at Rare and Legendary Moments, You will receive a 6 Moment pack for reaching 9 wins with a higher chance at Rare and Legendary Moments, you will receive a 3 Moment pack for reaching 13 wins with an extremely high chance at a Rare Moment and the highest chance at a Legendary Moment.
  • Run Rewards - The top 100 finishers over the course of the entire run will receive packs of increasing rarity depending on how high they finish. Full breakdown is in the link below.
  • Fast Break Suvivor - This works just like any other suvivor pool, last Collector standing wins a reward. After the first survivor is crowned or on Day 8, whichever comes first, a Second-Chance Survivor will begin.



  • When lineups lock, the game automatically determines your lowest serial Moment at the highest tier owned of each player.
  • Even if you add new Moments after games start, it will not change the Moments locked in for purposes of this tiebreaker.
  • If more than one collector ties for first on any given day, the game will automatically determine the winner.
  • The game will look at the highest tier owned of each player in the winning lineup. It will then determine the lowest serial number owned of the player at that tier.
  • All 5 numbers will be added together and the lowest sum will win.
  • The second tiebreaker, if needed, will be time of submission: whoever submitted their lineup first will get the nod.


  • This leaderboard is sorted by total wins in the run.
  • The tiebreaker is your average finishing position across all days played during the run.


  • If all remaining survivors lose on the same day, there will be a one-day overtime. The highest score on that day is crowned the winner. If there's another tie there will be double-overtime and so on until a winner is crowned. The daily tiebreaker will not factor into overtime unless it's the last day of the run, in which case a winner must be crowned.