Congratulations to the 500 Collectors who will be receiving a 2021 NBA Playoffs Pack.

Remember, we will be doing more of these Finals Quests for every game during the NBA Finals.

Don’t forget that your submission also got you an entry to the Grand Prize drawing to win a legendary Finals Pack or rare Conference Finals pack.

The more Finals Quests you enter, the better your chances.

We will continue to update the Top Shot Community via Twitter and Discord, so follow along for updates.


1. Chris Paul - 8

2. Khris Middleton - 8

3. Jrue Holiday - 7

4. Devin Booker - 6

5. Deandre Ayton - 4

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo - 4

7. Jae Crowder - 3

8. Cameron Johnson - 2

9. Cameron Payne - 2

10. Mikal Bridges - 1

NOTE: There was a three-way tie from players with one assist each. For this Quest, the final player to round out the Top 10 will be Mikal Bridges.


Tuesday night, Giannis made his return to the hardwood for Game 1 of the Finals, but it wasn’t enough to deny the squad from the Valley -- or a possessed CP3, who went off for 32 points in his Finals debut.

The first Finals Quest featured some Suns lighting up the scoreboard, but for tonight’s Finals Quest Game 2, we’re going to change up the game plan. 

To get in the game, you will still need to create a Showcase with seven (7) Moments -- but this time you’ll need to feature players with the most assists from Game 2.

Just like the NBA Finals, as the series progresses, the stakes get higher, so for tonight’s Finals Quest, we are upping the prize from 100 to 500 2021 NBA Playoff Packs.

Here are the exact details on how to get in on the action for Finals Quest Game 2.

Create a Showcase with 7 Moments based on the guidelines below and earn yourself a chance at a free 2021 NBA Playoffs Pack.

To qualify for one of the 500 Playoff Packs...

  1. Watch Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Suns and Bucks on Thursday.
  2. Collect any Moments from 7 of the 10 Assist leaders of the night.
  3. Put the 7 Moments in a Showcase, and name your Showcase Finals Quest Game 2.
  4. That’s all!

So as long as you put exactly 7 Moments from 7 of the 10 players who led the Bucks & Suns Thursday night in assists in a Showcase and name your Showcase Finals Quest Game 2 by Friday, July 9th at 4:00 PM PDT, you’ll earn a chance at a 2021 NBA Playoffs Pack.

Be sure to check back here for updates on all things Finals Quest-related.

Additionally, with this being the NBA Finals, don’t forget that each successful quest entry earns you an entry in the Grand Prize drawing. Here’s a quick refresher on how it works.

In addition to giving away 500 NBA Playoff Packs this game, you will also have the opportunity to earn a legendary NBA Finals pack or a rare Conference Finals pack.

Here are the details on how to earn one of the 10 Legendary Packs or 50 Rare Packs (Grand Prize).

  1. Complete a successful entry for a Finals Quest.
  2. Each successful entry to a Finals Quest will get you one entry into the legendary and rare pack drawing, with a maximum of one entry per Finals Quest (Ex: If you successfully submit showcases for four Finals Quests you would earn four entries in the Grand Prize drawing)
  3. For collectors who have participated in our Playoff Quests, we will be granting entries into the Grand Prize drawing for each Playoff Quest that was previously entered. (Ex. If you submitted an entry to Scoring Quest and Dime Quest, you would get two additional entries in the legendary and rare pack drawing)
  4. The selection of winners and delivery of these packs will happen after the legendary NBA Finals pack drop, so stay tuned for timing. 

Fine Print 

  1. Maximum chance at one prize per Collector per game. Prize = 500 qualifying entries will be chosen at random to receive a Playoff Pack.
  2. Please make sure to keep your Showcase intact 24 hours after the conclusion of each Finals Quest -- this is the safest way to ensure you’re accounted for! Please note that listing or selling a Moment from your Showcase during the Quest will compromise your eligibility. Delisting a Moment while it’s in a Showcase can also compromise your eligibility. 
  3. Your Showcase must contain exactly 7 Moments from seven different players, but can feature any 7 of the 10 assist leaders from tonight’s Bucks vs. Suns game. Only create one eligible Showcase named Finals Quest Game 2. To avoid duplications & spamming, any account with multiple Showcases with the title Finals Quest Game 2 will have all of their submissions disqualified. 
  4. If multiple players tie for the highest assists and there are more than 10 possible names, we will choose and post the 10 eligible player names here on the blog at the conclusion of Thursday’s game.
  5. Collectors will only be able to win a max of one pack during the Grand Prize drawing. (i.e. can only win one legendary pack or one rare pack.