10 Legendary 2021 NBA Finals Pack Winners

  1. HuckleberryFinn
  2. speedy_sheep2564
  3. satchi86
  4. jokerxo
  5. Lilcbird5000
  6. TheSidelineStory
  7. thunderous_bison9105
  8. logieberra10
  9. Creyes1
  10. DrDread

50 Rare And Then There Were Four Pack Winners

  1. StraightCashHomie
  2. SamuraiBa11er
  3. fil0912
  4. Siidewinder
  5. aexd
  6. So_Right
  7. Lorax1984
  8. Crunchy
  9. used_grasshopper6991
  10. MulletMeister45
  11. djmacjr
  12. lukefbb
  13. Imposter
  14. Mavrikoss
  15. rusty_bill
  16. Bobacious
  17. Rissow
  18. Chevron93
  19. Jonnygoggles15
  20. ArubinIshimaru
  21. pointbreak2
  22. dmaincu21
  23. mycologne
  24. outgoing_whippet2102
  25. ThePutUp
  26. kevitrio
  27. sportsnoah
  29. DapperNBA333
  30. BR42
  31. DM125
  32. finished_earwig97052
  33. fchonor
  34. 6dbcooper
  35. Dream_Shake
  36. elcko
  37. JustWinFlips
  38. jdyjohns
  39. HesHeatingUp
  40. ksu32
  41. gsmtr0nic
  42. woodz
  43. harry_hood
  44. BriTheFlyGuy
  45. OwlyTime
  46. Caesartheape
  47. MercWithAMouth
  48. SouthBayCoot
  49. Carwash101
  50. rps82



Congratulations to the 1000 Collectors who will be receiving a 2021 NBA Playoffs Pack.

Don’t forget that your submission also got you an entry to the Grand Prize drawing, which will be taking place after the legendary Finals pack drop.

We will continue to update the Top Shot Community via Twitter and Discord, so follow along for updates.



Due to maintenance on the site for large portions of the day, we are extending Finals Quest Game 6 to Thursday, July 22nd at 10 am PDT. Please keep your Showcases intact till that time.



  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo
  2. Chris Paul
  3. Devin Booker
  4. Khris Middleton


On Saturday, behind their trio of stars, the Bucks roared back from an early 16 point deficit to steal a crucial Game 5 on the Suns home floor, punctuated by an already-iconic alley oop from Jrue Holiday to Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks are now on the brink of their first championship since 1971, and look to close out the series on their home floor. 


For tonight’s critical Game 6, we’re also slightly changing how to get in the game. You’ll need to create a Showcase of the four (4) top scorers from Game 6, but the Moments must be from either the the common 2021 NBA Playoffs (Series 2) set or the rare And Then There Were Four (Series 2) set.

Below, find the exact details on how to get in on the action for Finals Quest Game 6.

Create a Showcase with four Moments based on the guidelines below and earn yourself a chance at a free 2021 NBA Playoffs pack.

To qualify for one of the 1,000 available Playoff packs...

  1. Watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Suns and Bucks on Tuesday night.
  2. Collect Moments of each of the four leading scorers of the night from the common 2021 NBA Playoffs (Series 2) or the rare And Then There Were Four (Series 2) sets.
  3. Put those four Moments in a Showcase, and name your Showcase Finals Quest Game 6.
  4. That’s all!

Be sure to check out the new Showcase Quest Feature on-site, which makes it even easier for you to build your Finals Quest Game 6.

As long as you put exactly four Moments (from the two sets listed above) from the four leading scorers of Game 6 of the NBA Finals in a Showcase, and name your Showcase Finals Quest Game 6 by Thursday, July 22nd at 10:00 am PDT, you’ll earn a chance at a 2021 NBA Playoffs Pack.

Be sure to check back here for updates on all things Finals Quest-related.

Additionally, with this being the NBA Finals, don’t forget that each successful quest entry earns you an entry in the Grand Prize drawing. Here’s a quick refresher on how that works:

In addition to giving away 1,000 NBA Playoff packs for Finals Quest Game 6, there will also be an opportunity to earn a legendary NBA Finals pack or a rare Conference Finals pack.

Here are the details on how to earn one of the 10 legendary packs or 50 rare packs (Grand Prize).

  1. Complete a successful entry for a Finals Quest.
  2. Each successful entry to a Finals Quest will get you one entry into the legendary and rare pack drawing, with a maximum of one entry per Finals Quest (Ex: If you successfully submit showcases for four Finals Quests you would earn four entries in the Grand Prize drawing).
  3. For collectors who have participated in our Playoff Quests, we will be granting entries into the Grand Prize drawing for each Playoff Quest that was previously entered. (Ex. If you submitted an entry to Scoring Quest and Dime Quest, you would get two additional entries in the legendary and rare pack drawing).
  4. The selection of winners and delivery of these packs will happen after the legendary NBA Finals pack drop, so stay tuned for timing. 

Fine Print 

  1. Maximum chance at one prize per Collector per game. Prize = 1000 qualifying entries will be chosen at random to receive a Playoff Pack.
  2. Please make sure to keep your Showcase intact 24 hours after the conclusion of each Finals Quest -- this is the safest way to ensure you’re accounted for! Please note that listing or selling a Moment from your Showcase during the Quest will compromise your eligibility. Delisting a Moment while it’s in a Showcase can also compromise your eligibility. 
  3. Your Showcase must contain exactly four Moments from four different players, and must feature the four leading scorers from tonight’s Bucks vs. Suns game. The Moments in your showcase must be from the following sets, the Common: 2021 NBA Playoffs (Series 2) or the Rare: And Then There Were Four (Series 2).
  4. If multiple players tie as leading scorers and there are more than four possible names, we will choose and post the four eligible player names here on the blog at the conclusion of Tuesday’s game. In the event that one of the four leading scorers doesn’t have a Moment in the Common: 2021 NBA Playoffs (Series 2) or the Rare: And Then There Were Four (Series 2), the Showcase Quest will feature the next highest scoring player who has a Moment in the designated sets.
  5. Collectors will only be able to win a max of one pack during the Grand Prize drawing. (i.e. can only win one legendary pack or one rare pack)

If you have any issues with your Finals Quest, check out our support page.