• A new Flash Challenge, called 'First To 3,' goes live Tuesday, Jan. 25 at this page.
  • To earn the Challenge Reward, create a Challenge Entry featuring the first player to hit three 3-pointers in each of the nine NBA games played on Jan. 25, 2022, plus one additional Kevin Durant Moment.
  • If you create your Challenge Entry and keep it intact by 1pm PST on Wednesday, Jan. 26, you’ll earn a Buddy Hield Metallic Silver FE Moment™ featuring a step-back three over Rudy Gobert.


What if you could be rewarded for acquiring the most epic NBA Moments?

Here's where Challenges come in.

Challenges are an opportunity to show off a specific selection of Moment™ NFTs that give fans an opportunity to earn exclusive prizes, packs or Moment™ NFTs.

Once you get started on your Top Shot journey, you will have the chance to display your Moment™ NFTs in a Showcase as part of a Challenge.

Flash Challenges are a type of Challenge based on the stats and events of NBA games.

To see all the live Challenges, visit this page.


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The modern NBA is a shooter’s paradise, with players at every position letting it rip early and often from beyond the arc.

In today’s Flash Challenge, nine games are taking place across the NBA, featuring some of the most prolific three-point shooters in the league.

But this time, we’re specifically focused on the ones who get hot quickly, hitting the first three threes in each of their respective games. 

To earn this Challenge Reward, create a Challenge Entry with 10 Moments, featuring any KD Moment plus the first player to make three three-pointers in each game of the nine games on Jan. 25.

The reward?

A Buddy Hield Metallic Silver FE Moment™ featuring a step-back three over Rudy Gobert on Nov. 20, 2021.  

Make sure you have your Challenge Entry all locked in by 1pm PST, Jan. 26.

Watch the games, track the fastest three-point shooters to hit the mark in each game, and earn yourself a Buddy Hield Metallic Silver FE Moment™.


  1. Create a Showcase with exactly ten (10) Moment™ NFTs.
  2. The 10 Moments must include the first player to make three 3-pointers from each of the nine NBA games played on Tuesday, Jan. 25, plus one Kevin Durant Wildcard.
  3. If any of the players don't have a Moment on NBA Top Shot at the start of the Flash Challenge, then the second player to make three 3-pointers will be needed and so on.
  4. If there is a game where no players on Top Shot make three 3-pointers, then you will not need a Moment from the affected game.
  5. This Challenge has no tiebreakers.
  6. On Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 1pm PST, a snapshot will be taken of all Challenge Entries. All eligible collectors who complete the Flash Challenge will receive a Buddy Hield Metallic Silver FE Moment™ NFT within 24 hours of the end of the Challenge.
  7. Please make sure all Moments are delisted from the Marketplace before saving your Challenge Entry. If you delist a Moment, ensure your Challenge Entry is still valid. Otherwise, do not gift, sell or trade in Moments in your Challenge Entry until after you have received your reward or until winners have been announced. Prior to the snapshot, please verify that your Challenge Entry still includes all eligible Moments.
  8. You must use the Challenge Builder to enter this Challenge. You must also use the Challenge Builder to make any edits to your Challenge Entry. The Challenge Builder provides the correct name for the Challenge and any other name will be invalid.
  9. You must submit your Challenge Entry by 12:59:59pm PST on Wednesday, Jan. 26, or earlier to ensure your submission is accepted. The time of submission is recorded when the save button is pressed. If you submit after the deadline, your entry will not be accepted.