• A new Flash Challenge, called 'Lead The Way,' goes live after the final buzzer in tonight's final game (approx 10:00pm PST) at this page.
  • The nine Moment™ NFTs must include a Moment from the player who has the most points scored in each of the NBA games played on Friday, Jan. 7, 2022.
  • You must use the Showcase Builder to complete your Challenge.
  • If you finish the Showcase and keep it intact by 1pm PST on Saturday, Jan. 8, you'll earn an Archive Set pack.

Scorers gonna score.

Tonight’s Flash Challenge is all about building a Showcase featuring the players with the hottest hands in order to get a well-earned Archive Set pack into yours.

To grab a pack, you’ll need to create a Showcase with a Moment from the nine players who scored the most points in each NBA game tonight, Friday, Jan. 7.

So keep your eyes on the players who are filling it up the most and assemble your Showcase by 1pm PST tomorrow, Jan. 8.

With the night’s top scorers all lined up, you’ll be primed to score an Archive Set pack of your own.


  1. Create a Showcase with exactly nine (9) Moment™ NFTs.
  2. The nine (9) Moments must include the nine players with the most points scored in each of the 9 NBA games on Jan. 7. 
  3. If any of the players don't have a Moment on NBA Top Shot at the start of the Flash Challenge, then the player with the second most points in the affected game will be needed and so on.
  4. This Challenge has three tiebreakers to limit the amount of players to 9. Tiebreaker #1 - Team Final Score Point Differential. Tiebreaker #2 - Player +/-. Tiebreaker #3 - Most Time Played.
  5. On Saturday, Jan. 8 at 1pm PST, a snapshot will be taken of all Showcases. All eligible collectors who complete the Flash Challenge will receive an Archive Set pack within 24 hours of the end of the Challenge. 
  6. Please make sure all Moments are delisted from the Marketplace before saving your Showcase. If you delist a Moment, ensure your Showcase is still valid. Otherwise, do not gift, sell, or trade in Moments in your Showcase until after you have received your reward or until winners have been announced. Prior to the snapshot, please verify that your Showcase still includes all eligible Moments.
  7. You must use the Showcase Builder to enter this Challenge. You must also use the Showcase Builder to make any edits to your Showcase. The Showcase Builder provides the correct name for the Challenge and any other name will be invalid. 
  8. You must submit your Showcase by 12:59.59pm PST or earlier to ensure your submission is accepted. The time of submission is recorded when the save button is pressed. If you submit after the deadline, your entry will not be accepted.