• A new Flash Challenge, called 'Protect The Rock,' goes live after tonight's games on this page.
  • The five (5) Moment™ NFTs must include Moments of the players who record the highest assist-to-turnover differential (assists minus turnovers) in each of the games on January 4, 2022.
  • You must use the Showcase Builder to complete your Challenge.
  • If you finish the Showcase and keep it intact by 1pm PST on Wednesday, Jan. 5, you'll earn a Series 2 Base Set pack.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful assist that leads to a bucket, and in today’s NBA, you never know who is going to make a highlight-worthy head-turning pass.

Whether it’s a kick-out to a corner three, a no-look dish that catches defenders off guard, or the alley to a glorious oop, we love a good assist. 

But what makes those assists even better, and more impactful, is when they aren’t accompanied by costly turnovers that can change a team’s momentum and swing the outcome of a game. 

Across the NBA tonight, we’ll see the Grizzlies v. Cavaliers, Spurs v. Raptors, Pacers v. Knicks, Suns v. Pelicans, and Kings v. Lakers. There are some talented passers taking the court, and this Flash Challenge is all about creating offensive opportunities while also protecting the rock. 

To earn your pack, you’ll need to create a Showcase with five Moments. You must have one Moment from the player who took care of the rock the best by having the highest assist-to-turnover differential (assists minus turnovers) in each of Tuesday night’s NBA games. 

Want to do a little research? Head over to the NBA’s advanced stats to see the league leaders in AST/TO before things get started. 

Stay tuned to the action and get your Showcase together by 1pm PST tomorrow, January 5.

Protect the rock all the way up until the final horn sounds and walk away with a Series 2 Base Set pack for your efforts!


  1. Create a Showcase with exactly five (5) Moment™ NFTs.
  2. The five (5) Moments must include the 5 players with highest assist-to-turnover differential (assists minus turnovers) in each of the games on January 4, 2021.
  3. If any of the players don't have a Moment on NBA Top Shot at the start of the Flash Challenge, then the player with the second highest assist-to-turnover differential (assists minus turnovers) in the affected game will be needed.
  4. This Challenge has three tiebreakers to limit the amount of players to 5. Tiebreaker #1 - Team Final Score Point Differential. Tiebreaker #2 - Player +/-. Tiebreaker #3 - Most Minutes Played.
  5. On Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 1pm PST, a snapshot will be taken of all Showcases. All eligible collectors who complete the Flash Challenge will receive a Series 2 Base Set pack within 24 hours of the end of the Challenge.
  6. Please make sure all Moments are delisted from the Marketplace before saving your Showcase. If you delist a Moment, ensure your Showcase is still valid. Otherwise, do not gift, sell, or trade in Moments in your Showcase until after you have received your reward or until winners have been announced. Prior to the snapshot, please verify that your Showcase still includes all eligible Moments.