• A new Flash Challenge, called 'Weekend Vibes,' goes live Sunday, Jan. 16 at this page.
  • There will be 23 NBA games played this weekend, starting on Friday, Jan. 14, and ending on Sunday, Jan. 16.
  • In this new Flash Challenge, you’ll need to build a Showcase featuring the 10 players who score the most TOTAL points over these games.
  • If you finish the Challenge and keep it intact by 1pm PST on Monday, Jan. 17, you'll earn a Jaylen Brown Metallic Silver FE Moment™ Reward.


What if you could be rewarded for acquiring the most epic NBA Moments?

Here's where Challenges come in. Not on Top Shot yet?


Once you get started on your Top Shot journey, you will have the chance to display your Moment™ NFTs in a Showcase as part of a Challenge.

But what are Challenges?

Challenges are an opportunity to show off a specific selection of Moment™ NFTs that give fans an opportunity to earn exclusive prizes, packs or Moment™ NFTs.

Flash Challenges are a type of Challenge based on the stats and events of NBA games.

To see all the live Challenges, visit this page.


Ready to vibe all weekend? 

Instead of focusing purely on one night of NBA action, this Flash Challenge will focus on the 10 players who score the most total points during the NBA games played over the weekend, starting tonight, Jan. 14 through Sunday, Jan. 16. 

When the final whistle blows on Sunday night, the Flash Challenge will officially start, giving you the opportunity to build a Showcase and earn a Jaylen Brown Metallic Silver FE Moment™ Reward. 

The Boston Celtics swingman is a walking bucket who is capable of going off in any game. Brown's scoring prowess makes him a dangerous playmaker who can dish it to a teammate when the defense closes in.

The Moment is a special one, too, coming from a box-score stuffing 50-point, 11-rebound, 4-assist, 2-block and 1-steal win in overtime against the Orlando Magic. Brown's 50-point performance is only the 11th in Celtics history, putting him in the company of Larry Bird, Jayson Tatum, Isaiah Thomas, Sam Jones, Kevin McHale and Paul Pierce.

If you want to spend the weekend watching basketball together, here’s a look at all 23 NBA games that’ll go down in the Challenge window.

As you’ll notice, some teams play more often than others. Don’t worry, we’ll keep a leaderboard handy with updates as the action unfolds, and officially share the list of 10 players required to earn this NFT once the action comes to a close. 

Friday’s Games: 

Magic vs. Hornets

Raptors vs. Pistons

Suns vs. Pacers

Celtics vs. 76ers

Warriors vs. Bulls

Hawks vs. Heat

Cavaliers vs. Spurs

Mavericks vs. Grizzlies 

Rockets vs. Kings 

Saturday’s Games:

Raptors vs. Bucks

Trail Blazers vs. Wizards

Knicks vs. Hawks

Pelicans vs. Nets

76ers vs. Heat

Cavaliers vs. Thunder

Bulls vs. Celtics

Clippers vs. Spurs

Lakers vs. Nuggets

Magic vs. Mavericks

Sunday’s Games: 

Suns vs. Pistons

Rockets vs. Kings

Warriors vs. Timberwolves

Jazz vs. Nuggets

To grab a Moment of the 25-year old All-Star, you’ll need to build a Showcase with the Top 10 scoring leaders in the NBA games over this weekend, from January 14-16, 2022.

Get your Showcase all squared away with the weekend’s top bucket getters by 1pm PST, January 17 to add some firepower to your collection with a Jaylen Brown Metallic Silver FE Moment™.


  1. Create a Showcase with exactly ten (10) Moment™ NFTs.
  2. The ten (10) Moments must include the players with the most TOTAL points scored in NBA games played from Friday, Jan. 14 through Sunday, Jan. 16.
  3. If any of the players don't have a Moment on NBA Top Shot at the start of the Flash Challenge, then the player with the eleventh most total points will be needed and so on.
  4. This Challenge has three tiebreakers to limit the amount of players to 10. Tiebreaker #1 - Team Final Score Point Differential. Tiebreaker #2 - Player +/-. Tiebreaker #3 - Most Time Played.
  5. On Monday, Jan. 17 at 1pm PST, a snapshot will be taken of all Showcases. All eligible collectors who complete the Flash Challenge will receive a Jaylen Brown Metallic Silver FE Moment within 24 hours of the end of the Challenge.
  6. Please make sure all Moments are delisted from the Marketplace before saving your Showcase. If you delist a Moment, ensure your Showcase is still valid. Otherwise, do not gift, sell or trade in Moments in your Showcase until after you have received your reward or until winners have been announced. Prior to the snapshot, please verify that your Showcase still includes all eligible Moments.
  7. You must use the Showcase Builder to enter this Challenge. You must also use the Showcase Builder to make any edits to your Showcase. The Showcase Builder provides the correct name for the Challenge and any other name will be invalid.
  8. You must submit your Showcase by 12:59:59pm PST on Monday, Jan. 17, or earlier to ensure your submission is accepted. The time of submission is recorded when the save button is pressed. If you submit after the deadline, your entry will not be accepted.